Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Difference of Nyte 'N' Day

There's a very short list of stores that my Doll enjoys as much today as she did when she was very new to Second Life. Having a wide selection of quality, low-cost, timely, easy-to-wear outfits has earned Nyte 'N' Day a spot on that list. (The vast majority of designs at Nyte 'N' Day are available for less than L$200!) There is little doubt in my mind that Nyte 'N' Day creator, Nyte Caligari, places as much importance on utility as fashion and style as most Nyte 'N' Day offerings look great on almost any shape and can be worn for almost any occasion.

When I set out to visit Nyte 'N' Day, after having been away for far too long, I found the Tailor outfit (shown left.) It's simple (and seductive) design makes it a good choice for most casual encounters and I think you'll agree that this take-off on the classic business suit is more conservative than many that you might run across in Second Life. Tailor comes with a pair of white, pin-striped pants (in the pants layer) as well as a black bra and a white, pin-striped blazer (in undershirt/shirt and shirt/jacket layers, respectively.)

And although Nyte 'N' Day has a very extensive selection of deeply discounted merchandise (in the rear of the store,) I didn't hesitate to stop at the new releases where I found some perfect casual pieces for my Doll's summer wardrobe in the Bandeau Blues outfit (shown right) and the Piccilo Purple outfit (below, left.) The Bandeau Blues outfit is exemplary of the quality and thought that goes into Nyte 'N' Day designs. It comes with 5 prim attachments, a sheer, blue shirt (in a jacket layer,) a white bra (in a shirt layer,) and some khaki pants (in a pants layer.) Simply add hair, jewelry, and shoes to this folder and you're ready to hit the grid for a social outing or another shopping adventure.

The Piccilo Purple outfit is equally impressive as it can be worn as a babydoll dress (left,) a regular dress with a prim skirt attachment, or a sexy hot pants set. And with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this outfit going to benefit Lupus Canada, this is one purchase your doll will feel great about. That's right, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this outfit (and all other purple Nyte 'N' Day outfits created after October 1, 2007) go to a noble cause. Look for the Lupus logo posters at Nyte 'N' Day.

When you stop by Nyte 'N' Day, don't forget to check out the extensive collection of seperates available to complement some of those tops or pants in your doll's wardrobe. My Doll found the perfect set of Cargo pants (below) to complete one of her celebrity looks.

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