Saturday, May 10, 2008

Doll Garment Fetishes: Class Is In Session

The unforgettable emergence of an adolescent Britney Spears clad in pigtails and a plaid, pleated skirt left little doubt why schoolgirls are (and have been) a predominant figure in American and Japanese pop culture (and pornography.) If you happen to be a resident of Second Life, you probably didn't have any doubt in the first place. Even if you don't want to cop to being a member of the very vast majority of Second Life residents that can rock their very own schoolgirl look, I'd bet my bottom dollar that you've run into a schoolgirl or two. So this is one for all you schoolgirls out there that aren't using your computers to do your homework.

I'll Clean More Than Your Chalkboard

Indeed, the vast majority of Second Life schoolgirl outfits say that (and more,) like the ensemble shown above. Strung together with pieces from the Freak Boutique and Babydoll's, an establishment known grid-wide for providing the strippers of Second Life the little bits of clothing they wear, this little number is designed only for those majoring in pole dancing. The white Demi Bra layer under the sheer crop top is utilitarian: it lends this outfit its only (vital) hint of innocence while making sure that no dull teachers or dorky school administrators get a (free) glimpse of your Grade A pixels. The tintable Cupid tie shown is a MUST for every serious schoolgirl. Not only is it part of the required uniform, but this little offering from the Freak Boutique is copiable and tintable so it'll work with any schoolgirl outfit.

I Will Not Be Dismissed

Although the quintessential schoolgirl is blonde, we certainly can't discount all those brunette beauties out there that usually bring an edge to the schoolgirl party. I found the perfect set for the edgy schoolgirl in you at Son!a for Supermodels. Shown right, Son!a's Naughty Schoolgirl has everything a schoolgirl needs to mix-and-match the perfect look in one stop. The Naughty Schoolgirl comes with 6 sweater options in different colors (in jacket layers,) 3 undershirt options (in t-shirt layers,) black schoolgirl shorts (in a pants layer,) black schoolgirl stockings, a prim skirt, and a fantastic prim collar and tie. I found ETD's Emily hair in Black a great match for this outfit's edgy look.

Forgive Me Father, But Catholic Schoolgirls Do It Better

And last, but most certainly not least, we arrive at Nyte 'N' Day's tribute to the schoolgirl in all of us. The Schooled outfit, shown left, is definitely a winner (and a surefire way to shake the concentration of any members of the male species that might be standing around.) Schooled is the real deal, right down to the authenticating crest on the breast of the vest jacket. Schooled comes with 2 different prim skirt options, so you can tailor it for your doll. To complete the look on the left, my Doll wore ETD's Leslie hair in Blonde Frosted and a Princess belly ring from Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry.

The Schoolgirl's Weapon of Choice: PIGTAILS

Gurl 6's Lala in Platinum, shown below, is a great head of hair and an excellent choice for the aspiring schoolgirl in you.

ETD's Twila in Blonde Frosted (shown left) is an equally-attractive option.

And don't make the mistake of forgetting about ETD's Abigail in Strawberry, because if this hair doesn't say, "Hit Me Baby, One More Time," I don't know what does.

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