Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't Be Afraid To Be a T.A.R.T.

I popped in at T.A.R.T. Clothing at the behest of one of my friends who reported that there was a good selection of inexpensive, cute clothing. I'll have to thank her for the tip, because it turns out that they sell some very cute and very inexpensive clothing, including the fantastic, dangerously low Crack Jeans (shown left in dark denim) for the low price of $L100. The design is on point for those who dare to bare some skin below the waistline and the denim texture used to create the jeans holds its own when compared to those produced and used by fashion moguls like Armidi. The Crack Jeans come with prim leg attachments, each made of a single, hollowed cylinder. And while I've been less than satisfied with jeans that feature these type of prim attachments in the past, the prim attachments for the Crack Jeans work well and there's little to no seam evident at the attachment point. Besides, the Crack Jeans are copiable and modifiable, so you can adjust or change them to fit any look (and probably obviate the need for prim leg attachments altogether) while still keeping the original copy in tact. Oh, and for all you dolls out there with some junk in the trunk, the crack jeans are definitely booty-friendly.

So step in line, I'm confident that you'll be a T.A.R.T. (fan) in no time. And when you stop in at T.A.R.T., don't pass on the super selection of barely there skirt ensembles and seperates. I fell for the Trina top (shown below in black.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being known as the most rude 'twaffle on SL. See how many shopping sims you're banned from now, mmm?

Anonymous said...

Banned from mine lol

I've been designing for a long time and I've dealt with a lot of nutbags, but I have NEVER seen such outright rudeness and meanness in my entire career. That you feel you have the right to talk to people like you do and expect no reprocussions confirms my suspicion that more than likely you're in a correctional facility in the midwest somewhere separated from the general population for your own protection. Not everybody has social skills...well proven today. GOOD work!

Anonymous said...

Trying to blackmail people into giving you a refund just because you have a blog is just the lowest level of bottom feeder around. As far as the "smackdown trash talk" factor, its just sad. I'd go on but I know you live for this stuff and I'm sure I have already gotten you wet. Sir. ;-)

Shyayn Lusch said...

I can only presume these comments are a result of my complaints about Gigi Couture's "prim skirt" which is comprised of a single cylinder, and in my opinion, poorly done. You can ban me from your parcel, I assure you that there's nothing in your store that I want.