Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kitty Tales: Purrfectly Pink

The precious, little nekos that inhabit the metaverse aren't exactly known for wearing pink, super girly ensembles, but part of the beauty of the very inclusive Second Life neko community is that almost anything goes. So when my inner neko felt the need to outwardly express itself by turning my Doll into a digital tigress, I jumped at the chance to see exactly where the color pink meets the edginess of all that is neko. I was pleasantly surprised at the kitten that emerged. =^.^=

My Doll positively adores what Hybrid has to offer, especially when it comes to kitty parts. And if you're even thinking about working on your very own neko look, a stop at Hybrid should be high on your priority list. Hybrid's Neko Interaction series features complete sets of kitty ears, tails, and paws that each come with a HUD that will allow your doll to customize the look of his or her kitty parts. The Interaction series are also scripted so that anyone (or the people of your choosing) can touch your ears, tails, or paws and cause them to say terribly cute things in open chat. I temporarily felt the need to call for reinforcements when I discovered the number of options available when it came to using the Hybrid HUD to pick the color and look of my Doll's ears and tail. And it might be just fine to lose your head over this tail (and ears) because there are so many options available with the Hybrid HUD, in terms of color and placement of color, that I wouldn't be surprised if no two people on the grid wear identical Hybrid ears, tails, and paw sets. And while my Doll found that she wasn't ready for a full set of Hybrid's beautiful paws, she did find that Hybrid's Paw Pad Gloves and Spot Tattoos (worn over her everyday skin) were purrfect.

My doll found a very appropriate and luxurious mane in Kin's Sera blue and white hair. The texture and build of Kin's hair was everything my neko was looking for and more. Kin's hair seems to purrfectly walk the line that is neko. It's messy, but not too messy and wild, but only over the top when you want it that way. Most importantly, the hair looks good and moves well.

I dressed my kitty Doll in the designs of a neko mainstay, Canimal. I opted for the (increasingly appropriate) Little Miss Shop-A-Holic T-Shirt, a Streetwear Mini (in blue,) and a pair of torn fishnets. Canimal's clothes are edgy and original while the quality is remarkable. The shirt really looks like a too small, too tight t-shirt (that you can maybe see through in the right light.) And the prim panel included as part of the miniskirt is made of two stretched cylinders, rather than two flat box prims, so that it generally looks and works better than other prims skirts with the upshot of avoiding the unattractive Second Life skirt template.

And I didn't stop at the cute outfit. I took my Doll all the way and reveled in the joy that only accessories can bring. I went with Ephemeral Creations' natural (tyger) whiskers, a dark monocle (with some decorative fish bones and optional bling) from House of EyeZ, the clean suckerpunch arm bracers from CatniP, and the fantastically cute, pink malicious leg-warmers from Paradisis. The scultpy leg-warmers were perfect for this feminine feline as they're adorned with little, rhinestone cat paws and a dangling cat paw charm. And no, the accessories didn't stop there. I had to find the purrfect collar for this pink-clad kitten and that wasn't a decision to be taken lightly.

Fortunately, my Doll found the perfect collar for her in Ephemeral Creations' "Has Milk Paw" Collar in black leather (shown left with Kin's Emily hair.) Another fine piece of work from the good people over at Ephemeral Creations, this collar is so cute that it should be illegal. As if the leather collar with tiny, kitty paw prints wasn't enough, this collar's tiny milk jug charm with its own kitty paw print takes cute to a whole new level. Ephemeral Creations doesn't cut corners when it comes to details, and this piece is no exception: you can actually see the stitching on the edges of the leather collar. Meow!


Anonymous said...


No one has left a comment on this ??

Such a cute kitty ^^

Arkesh Baral, Ephemeral Creations said...

Thanks Shyayn! Cute in pink, yay! See you in SL. :)