Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Favorite Thing About Second Life

There is undeniably an abundance of things about Second Life to love. For me, finding out what I was passionate about in Second Life was simple. One of my very favorite activities today was my very favorite activity on the very day that I became a resident of Second Life. Simply put, I love to play dolls. More specifically, I love to dress my Second Life avatar (hereinafter "my Doll.") Sounds pretty simplistic, I know. But for those of us who love to dress their dolls as an activity, Second Life is truly a candy shop. Digital artists from all over the world and from every walk of life spend untold hours creating everything from hair, skin, and eyes to tiny pieces of jewelry, ensembles truly worthy of being termed dramatic and the all important stiletto so that I can get my Doll looking, walking, and dancing as I wish. The possibilities of customizing and changing your doll in Second Life are literally infinite. And for those of us who like to play dolls, that equates to always having something to do.

This blog is merely an extension of one of my favorite hobbies, dressing my Doll. I hope it will ultimately facilitate meetings and discussions between those similarly situated. I also hope to use this forum to pay homage to the visionary artists that spend their time imagining and creating all the odds and ends that allow me to make my Doll as I wish her to be.

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