Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Very Proper Rendition of 1940's Hollywood Glamour at Comme Il Faut

“She has the bearing of a man; the characters she plays love power and wear trousers. Marlene's masculinity appeals to women and her sexuality to men.”
- Kenneth Tynan (on Marlene Dietrich)

As I scoured the grid this past weekend in search of rare and precious creations for my Doll, I was fortunate enough to discover a little gem by the name of Comme Il Faut . The store is aptly named, to be sure. "Comme ilfaut" is a French phrase used to describe that which is in accord with conventions or standards (or is otherwise proper.) And whether or not the foregoing translation is on the mark, the stunning ensembles being sold at Comme Il Faut are undeniably proper. I found Los 36 Billares (Negro,) shown to the left, absolutely irresistible. The sophisticated design of Los 36 Billares summons the spirit of the late Miss Dietrich and squarely demonstrates that trousers and a vest can be very proper for a powerful woman that is, above all else, feminine.

Los 36 Billares comes with a pair of black pants and two different jacket-layer tops, the vest shown above and another that gives the appearance of a white long-sleeved undershirt and red tie (shown right.)

As always, the accessories (and hair) made the outfit. Today I happened to visit ETD with a dear friend and as soon as I saw "Charley," a slightly messy updo topped off with a black fedora (shown left,) I knew it was a perfect match for Los 36 Billares. I decorated my Doll with a set of garnet jewels (shown left) from the Everyday Gems collection by Shiny Things. The jewelry from Shiny Things is of outstanding quality and workmanship and this particular set complemented this ensemble even better than I'd imagined. Finally, but perhaps most important, I found my Doll the perfect shoes for this look in Maitreya's Red Verve Pumps. These shoes are undoubtedly one of the finest pair of scuplty heels sold in Second Life and the textures on these fine works of art are nothing short of fabulous.

Oh, and when you stop by Comme Il Faut to decorate your doll, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the prim hair offerings from this throwback wonderland. (I was, and I have the fat pack to prove it.) I was immediately struck by the style and beauty of Milonga (shown right.)

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danieli said...

moire here. you look great! now i think i should include "marlene dietricht costume" on my keywords, lol ^^. thanks for the review.