Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doin' It (Well): Urban Threads and Hip Hop Glamour

Regardless of your take on the culture wars and the commodification of street culture, I think you'll agree that there is a particular style and aesthetic that can only be identified in connection with what the vast majority of us have come to accept as "urban." Certainly, many fashion designers and hip hop moguls the world over have tapped into the masses' desire to latch onto clothes that are as unique, provocative, and American as the urban culture and environment(s) with which they are so closely associated. It turns out that my Doll is not always so different from the masses in that regard. On Saturday, she set out to find some designer duds with a little flava.

My Doll was amazed at the attention to detail and quality in the clothing sold at Freesoul, where she picked up her very first urban essential, baggy pants (above.) The textures used on the pants are very well-done and the sculpted prim attachments that provide the baggy look in these pants clearly took some time and effort to create. Also note that the sculpted prim attachments used in these pants are tapered closer to the waist so that they blend with the garment fairly easily and seamlessly. These pants were a knock-out as baggy pants go, putting the others that my Doll tried on to shame.

While at Freesoul, my Doll couldn't resist channeling her inner Beyonce and grabbing a red-carpet-worthy outfit suited for hip hop royalty(above.) Freesoul didn't disappoint with this glammed up tube top and a low-rise satin skirt. Again, the textures were outstanding! Sequin adornments this attractive in Second Life are most definitely a rare find.

Even if your doll isn't looking for a little flava or trying to fight the culture wars, be sure to check out Freesoul. They have a huge selection of clothing, available in discounted outfits or as seperates, AND a huge selection of handbags and other accessories.

And if it just so happens that your doll is looking for something to wear to her next big meeting with the top brass at her record label, I might suggest Coed Threads' aptly named, Make Dinero suit in black (below.) Right down to the dangerously low pants and blingified cuff links, this little number says that you mean business about your next album going triple platinum.

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