Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fabulous Freebies at Shy Things

I've recently taken a small break from blogging. It turns out that I have a creative side all my own and have begun making "fabulous virtual furniture for fabulous virtual living." That's right, The Digital Doll is now the sole proprietor of Shy Things. There's a quite a few modern pieces, and all are what I would like to think of as utilitarian. Poseballs are almost entirely absent from my creations, so as not to suck up precious prims! Come by and see! And to celebrate my creative side gone commercial, I'm handing out freebies (via random prize giver at the Shy Things mainstore.) There's a "Bitchin' Hot Tub" which is my take on the ever-present Second Life hot tub. Not too shabby, I might add, as it has some nice poses and you can hide the poseballs when you finish your dip in the tub. Also in the freebie bag is a set of four (4) menu-driven beanbags, each having four (4) sit poses.

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