Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Time

There are few Second Life experiences that I remember as vividly as I recall the first time I was lucky enough to wear Ms. Melanie Zhao's super boot, the Trinity. They arrived in a folder simply labeled "BLACK no name." I opened the folder, selected wear and things were never quite the same thereafter. I (and those around me) immediately took notice of the fabulous, thigh-high boots gracing my Doll's legs. "WOW" was about all anyone could muster. I told Ms. Zhao that the boots were a bona fide work of art. I didn't lie.

If you have yet to have your first time with the Trinity boot, carpe diem. Ms. Zhao of Zhao Shoes has used the dog days of summer to do the impossible, improve upon perfection.

Ms. Zhao will be releasing these beauties in a host of new colors, including white, silver, gold, purple, cobalt, and red. As always, they come with the Zhao HUD which includes AO on/off, Bling on/off and 3 different heel click sounds with volume control. New features on the Trinities include resizing scripts so you can fit the boots to your avatar's unique shape, a higher heel, and a full bright option. (The boots make a statement alone, the full bright option takes it to a whole new level.)

Almost everything about these boots is sheer perfection, right down to the laces on the back of the boots. The textures are immaculate and the build is second to none. At over 400 prims a pair, these babies took some serious time and effort. Hats off, Ms. Zhao. (And thank you for creating another slice of prim heaven for my Doll.)

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