Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can You sey Cute?

My Doll just picked up the new Girls School Hair by Panache and is currently refusing to remove this adorable head of hair (above.) As it turns out, that's not such a bad thing. These short pigtails, bundled under a color-changing sculpted beanie hat, were screaming for an equally cute outfit to match. My Doll seized the opportunity to piece together some of her new favorites from sey to create a casual, urban look that is nothing short of feminine.

My Doll decided to pair her new sey sleeveless hoodie with sey's yaya jeans in blue (below.) Sey's sleeveless hoodie is most definitely something to write home about! The textures are right on and extremely detailed. The letters on the front and back of this piece give off just the right reflection and shimmer, giving this sleeveless hoodie a very authentic and realistic feel.

The sculpted hood attachment is just as detailed as the textures and lettering on the hoodie, right down to the tiny, colored, clothespins on the left side of the neck portion of the attachment. The hood attachment doesn't have a lot of the issues as other sculpted hood attachments out there, specifically it doesn't look too bulky.

While at sey, my Doll also picked up the yaya jeans in blue (above.) Although the yaya jeans lack the magical prim attachments that the sleeveless hoodie is blessed with, they manage to make a case of their own. The jeans appear to have just the right amount of wear and tear on them, again creating a very authentic look. And maybe my Doll is a little bit too bootylicious to be hanging signs on her rear, but who can resist a pair of jeans that say "Follow Me!" on the back?

My Doll finished off this casual look with Shiny Things' Ribbon Boots in black (below.) As I'm sure you already know, these boots are terribly fabulous. They apparently inspire even lofty, lawyer-types to kiss your feet.

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Boot Janus said...

Ok love it all but the last picture is priceless!