Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreamy Doll Clothes at D-Factor Exclusive

The Italian Contingent, RIKKI Bayliss & Co., gave my Doll some premium LM junk after a stern talking to about her (poor) decision to wear some eye jewelry that apparently looked like something else splashed across her face. (Ewwwww! And I'm sorry, I was getting overly emo, they were supposed to be tears!) The LM junk blew my mind with the first hit, D-Factor Exclusive. Once I landed I realized that I had to quickly choose and leave the store (despite the siren calls of the reduced-price items on the second floor,) or risk blowing my whole wad on the fabulousness at D-Factor Exclusive. My Doll opted for D-Factor's short, sexy outerwear (above) and a super sweet disco dress (below,) both in black.

D-Factor's textures and styles would rank high with any fashionista. My Doll certainly wasn't disappointed. The designs are simple, elegant, and uber-sexy. The textures and photoshop work aren't far behind. Case in point, the sequin textures on the black disco dress (below.)

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Boot Janus said...

Thinks the first one makes you look like a dangerous Mafia Princess ;)