Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Word About Your Blog …

The winds of change are blowing as we prepare to usher in a brand new year.  Naturally, that has brought about a lot of reflection on the past and caused many of us to think about what we want for ourselves and others in the coming year.  I don’t know Carissa Crimson very well, but she shared her beginnings as a Second Life fashion blogger with me last night during a what-the-hell-are-we-doing-and-where-are-we-going chat.  I took a minute to look over the ancient scrolls and was pleasantly surprised to see the hard-work and creativity of someone that was documenting the virtual world of fashion and making machinima when I was just a starry-eyed noob that was learning to open boxes of freebies.  Of course, her avatar wasn’t even half as refined as it is today and she sang the praises of skins and such that would be blown out of the water by what’s out there today.  She cringed, “Oh god, I was wearing bling.”  And as someone who wants to jump off a cliff when I look at my early builds or pictures of myself as a blingified noob, I could completely relate.  Nonetheless, I told her that she should be proud of her work. 
When you think nobody is reading your blog or that nobody appreciates your work or just generally feeling underappreciated, remember what I’m going to say here.  Even the most revolutionary artistic geniuses need someone to believe in what they do.  Each time you sing the praises of someone or find his or her work worth writing about, you validate them.  Forget the massive PR machine that you are as a collective, you’re talking about art and the work of creative masterminds in a way that is practical and accessible to most people.  In the process, you share your creativity and yourselves with the rest of us and that’s really the stuff that makes life in a virtual world worth living and what keeps so many people coming back day after day for more.  Above all, don’t forget that you’re writing history as you chronicle the cutting edge of what’s going on in virtual worlds that most people haven’t even discovered yet.  And in a matter of years, when virtual worlds have become something that most people don’t know how they ever lived without, your writing will exist as evidence of where we’ve been and where we might be headed.  Thank you for working tirelessly to share yourselves and your creativity with the rest of us.
Good Luck and Best Wishes in 2010.  If you need me, I plan on spending a lot of time doing the things that bring joy and fullness in both of my lives and dancing like nobody is watching.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Shoe Report Card for Kalnins

Kalnins joined the Second Life shoe game this year, but you wouldn’t know that Maris Kanto was the new kid on the block from the flocks of fashionistas and loyal shoppers over at Kalnins.  After hearing the raves about Kalnins, I went to see for myself and happily added Kalnins to this year’s list.  A recent release from Kalnins, Orchid, is on the chopping block.
I generally prefer a shorter shoe, from heel-to-toe, with a higher heel and a more pronounced arch in the foot.  That being said, I don't think that this shoe was an attempt at a super high, hooker heel or something super delicate.  The design strikes me as an attempt towards a relatively realistic high-heel shoe that you might actually be able to wear without a high risk of breaking your neck.  I like the overall design and find that this is a very versatile design that can be appropriately worn with a casual shirt and jeans as well as outfits that are significantly more formal.  And while the design most definitely holds its own, I feel that it's a bit more heavy, thick, and chunky than I'd like it to be.  This is particularly true with respect to the top of the shoe where the strap that wraps around the ankle of the avatar seems far too thick.
The sculpts used to construct the shoe are excellent overall.  There are a handful of areas on the shoe where the sculpts could have been slightly smoother, but nothing that comes close to discounting the overall look or quality of the shoe.  (In fact, those areas are probably not even visible to people that don't spend their in-world time with someone who makes sculpts for resale when she's not busy looking at her shoes.) 
I think the texturing work from Kalnins is also strong.  I particularly like the appearance of stitching on the straps of the shoes, which is a hallmark of luxury shoes and handbags in the real world.  I would like to see the texture on the straps of these shoes more closely resemble an identifiable natural fiber.  When I look at these shoes I get an overwhelming sense that they're made from nylon or something equally unnatural.  I feel like they might be made of a polished leather, but they seem a bit too glossy for that while being not quite shiny enough to be patent leather.
I would like the sculpted foot, most notably the toes, to appear more delicate with an appropriately shaded texture to make it seem more realistic.  The toes seem slightly long in relation to the foot and there's a gap between the big toe and the second toe that is inexplicably large. 
The invisible prims that surround the shoe are unnecessarily big and bulky.
Color Options (including Nail Polish):
You get a single pair of (copiable) shoes and a HUD that allows you to change various parts of the shoe a number of different colors (Exhibit A.)  That means that for around L$1,000 I get a great pair of shoes that I can pair with almost any outfit of any color.  It just doesn't get any better or more reasonable than that! 
I would like to see future Kalnins shoes with a more realistic toe nail texture and the much sought-after French pedicure option.
Skin Matching Capabilities:
These shoes come with a super smart HUD that makes matching your sculpted feet with your skin a breeze.  The HUD has the standard presets and a complete RGB color scale, but changes the game of sculpted feet significantly.  This HUD actually provides you with an additional window that shows you what color your feet WILL become if you select the corresponding increase or decrease in RGB value (Exhibit B.)  This stroke of genius means that I will be sending all of my friends to Kalnins for shoes with sculpted feet instead of looking at either feet that don't match the legs they belong to or blank stares while I attempt to explain the RGB color scale.
Customer Service:
Maris Kanto is an EFFING GENIUS.  Personally, I don't have the time, inclination or patience to chase freebies around the grid.  I'm also not really interested in watching designers compete against each other to give away the best stuff for L$50 because it's Friday.  And to be quite honest, it boils my blood to wait an extra 10 minutes for your store to rezz because there's a shitload of lag generated by 20 other people that have never been to your store before and won't be back.  But timely sales and financial incentives for your loyal customer base are things I can completely get behind!
If you don't already know, you rack up credit towards your next Kalnins purchase with every purchase you make.  And the amount discounted off of future purchases increases as you spend, so more purchases means deeper discounts off of future purchases.  (Just touch the customer rewards kiosk near the landing point at Kalnins to get a card worth a discount off your next purchase.)  I will always go back to buy at Kalnins.
Oh, and there are demos. :)
Value (Quality/Price):
You get your money's worth at Kalnins!  A solid pair of heels that turn a ton of different colors and match your feet perfectly for around L$1,000 PLUS a discount off your next Kalnins purchase is VALUE.
Overall Score: 52.5/60 or 87.5% = B+

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Shoe Report Card for Stiletto Moody

Stilleto Moody - Katherine
Whether you love Stiletto Moody or just love to hate Stiletto Moody, it’s hard to argue that they haven’t made a mark on the shoe world in Second Life.  Having a consumer group comprised of more than 15,000 residents and twice as many lining up to throw down (lots of) hard-earned Lindens to take home a piece of the Stiletto Moody shoe empire means that Stiletto Moody has made this year’s list.  The BARE Katherine shoe, one of SM’s most recent releases, is on the chopping block.
These shoes are aesthetically-pleasing and sport a strong overall design that boasts a super high heel and a pronounced arch in the foot.  This isn't a terribly versatile design that will fit with anything in your closet, but it is nonetheless very attractive.
The sculpts are very smooth with a solid LOD, making them definitely fit for sale.  The overall look of the sculpted foot is also quite good, despite the lack of shading and other detail on the foot texture.  However, the toe sculpts have been closed on the top of each toe, making the poles of each sculpted toe visible to the naked-eye when you look at the shoe head-on (Exhibit A.) 
Generally speaking, I think SM does a great job with textures.  However, these particular shoes were a big disappointment in that regard.  The texture used on these shoes is lackluster as applied to many parts of the shoe and extremely ill-suited for the sculpts spanning the top of the upper-foot area where it appears stretched beyond recognition (Exhibit B.)  The only area on this shoe where the texture actually holds water is on the backside of the upper-heel (Exhibit C.)
These shoes seem to fit my avatar better than many SM shoes in my closet, but still have some issues with respect to fitting seamlessly at the avatar ankles where it seems the options are either having avatar mesh swallow portions of the shoe or having a large gap around the top of the ankle portion that leaves some piece of flesh-colored sculpt visible. 
There's also a complete train wreck where the lower part of the shoe and the ankle attachment meet (Exhibit D.)
SM - Effed Up Toes and Textures
SM - Heel and Trainwreck
Color Options (including Nail Polish):
You're able to select either a silver or gold texture for the metal adornments on this shoe via the blue, drop-down menu.  You can also elect to sport a toe ring on either foot.  And of course, you can choose from several different nail polish colors.  Given what's available on the market, that's isn't a whole lot.  It might be enough to satisfy most consumers, if the nail polish options looked anything like polished nails.  I find the vast majority of nail polish textures available with these shoes utterly unimpressive, especially when compared with what's available from other high-end shoes on the market.
Skin Matching Capabilities:
Like other SM shoes, these provide the end-user with a primitive, blue, drop-down menu equipped with several skin pre-sets and several buttons to increase or decrease brightness and the values for the RGB color of the skin texture on the sculpted foot.  I have a strong preference for shoes that come with a HUD that shows the complete RGB color scale to adjust the color of a sculpted foot to match whatever skin I'm wearing since I seem to get the best match with those systems and they strike me as significantly more user-friendly.  That being said, it takes a bit of a time commitment and a lot of patience to get the sculpted feet on these shoes looking anything like the skin I'm wearing.  And while I'm able to get the color of the sculpted foot to closely approximate the tone of my skin, I'm unable to fine tune the color match.
Customer Service:
I have never had to contact Stiletto Moody personally and, therefore, cannot confirm reports that she's totally rude.  I can tell you that last time I visited the SM store an available (and friendly) customer service representative provided me with the basic information I requested about the new SM BAREfoot upgrade (which was unavailable from the displays that chanted "No Notecard ... available.")
I can also tell you that there are absolutely NO DEMOs available from Stiletto Moody.  There are many people that create non-transferable attachments for avatars.  A very large number of those creators offer demos for people to try on before they finalize a purchase to avoid customers being stuck with an item that they don't particularly care for and wouldn't have purchased if he or she had been given an opportunity to try the item beforehand.  Demos protect creators from having to deal with sticky customer service issues and run the risk of either upsetting a paying customer or getting taken for a ride by someone trying to get something for nothing.  I'll let you conclude why SM has continuously neglected to offer demos for the shoes they sell, despite customer requests.  I will say that when you charge more than L$2,000 for a pair of shoes and L$11,000 for a color pack, a Demo should definitely be made available.
Value (Quality/Price):
Hahahaha.  Are you kidding?  I feel violated when someone else pays the asking price for a pair of these shoes.
Seriously, if you're paying L$11,000 (or around $40.00 USD) for pixel shoes then you have more money than sense.  At least that old Gucci handbag in my closet will fetch me enough on EBay for a night out on the town.  (And if I keep it long enough, it becomes "vintage" and starts to appreciate in value!)
Overall Score: 29/60 or 48% = F

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Shoe Report Cards: The Chopping Block

I am a shoe whore.  And anyone that knows me will tell you that I am brutally honest and honestly brutal when it comes to telling the truth about whatever is on your pixel feet.  (If you’re not wearing shoes, I probably won’t even talk to you as I reach for the “eject” button.)  So I am very pleased to announce that I will be issuing 2009 Shoe Report Cards for 10 of the most relevant cobblers in Second Life.  No ass kissing.  No photoshop magic.  No bullshit.  Just me and the naked truth about what really makes the pixel world go ‘round, SHOOZ!
The following list includes the 10 Second Life cobblers that made the cut, followed by the name of the shoe to be graded.  Report cards will be issued in the order listed below, from top to bottom.  Designers and shoes are listed in no particular order.
Stiletto Moody - Bare Katherine
Kalnins - Orchid
Maitreya - Maitreya Gold Shanti
SLink - Glamour Platforms
Indyra Originals - I.O. Coquette Noir Shoes: Olivia
Tesla - Vixen Desire 6-Inch Pumps
N-Core - N-core INFINITY XtremeHeel
J's - J's Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals
*COCO* - *COCO* Suede Cut Out Boots
BAX Boots - BAX Prestige Boots
Shoe report cards will consist of formal grades in the following categories and each category will be followed by a section for commentary:
Execution (including Quality of Build and Textures):
Color Options (including Nail Polish):
Skin Matching Capabilities:
Customer Service:
Value (Quality/Price):
An overall grade will be assessed by averaging the numerical scores from above.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Snapshot _ LeLutka ULTRA I, Heinlein (133, 246, 34)
Minnu Palen is a force to reckon with in the Second Life fashion world.  When the MMS/ scandal broke and rocked the SL fashion world at its core, she demonstrated tremendous business acumen that is rarely seen in Second Life and seized the opportunity to rebrand her business and herself as LeLutka, distancing herself and her wares from the giant cesspool of hatred that the rest of the SL fashion world was bathing in daily.  She didn’t stop there.  From the flames she emerged bigger, stronger, and more commercially-viable than before.  So naturally I was game when my friend showed up yesterday and dictated that we MUST attend the LeLutka ULTRA Show.  He barked that we had to get there 30 minutes early so that things would rezz before it got crowded and ordered me to “hurry the hell up and put some hoe shit on.” 
So I flipped through the folders of my new hoe clothes while he started banging away at that teleport button with a ferocity and zeal I recognized from when I was a kid and my little brother finally secured the Contra up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right code and was determined to get his 99 lives.  (For the record, that shit is for pussies who can’t fight.)  Panic set in as he cried, “I can’t tp in.  I’m not allowed into the destination!”  I was quite sure it was user error.  “Hang on, I’m going to check Plurk!” he quipped as he scrambled to read the latest from his exclusive source for a reliable, accurate, and complete rendition of everything that matters. 
He started reading the Plurk blow-by-blow aloud, “We looooooved the LeLutka fashion show.”
“Did we miss it?” he shrieked and continued reading.  “Oh no, there are two shows,” his voice began to taper.  “Oh, there was a VIP show for the press that started an hour ago.  We’re on time for the public show,” the disappointment in his voice was palpable as he finally poofed, being allowed into the destination.
My teleport offer arrived and whisked my D-List ass right into another SL fashion show.  I wasn’t pissed that I didn’t get into the VIP show.  (I’m only going to a fashion show to perv your profile anyways, so the more the merrier.)  In fact, I applaud the idea of having these fashion shows run several times over the course of whatever day they’re scheduled for given the amount of effort and planning that a whole lot of people put into these things.  And I even agree that there should be time scheduled for members of the press to access the venue and properly photograph it and so forth.  Of course, it did cross my mind that you might want to avoid massive PR fails like the one described above and be transparent about such things.  I also thought that perhaps you might call your paying customers VIPs and give them a first look instead of reserving that designation for everyone with a weblog that’s bucking for the privilege of being the first one to publically fellate you on the feeds.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

PSA Via Profile Perv

It’s that time again, and since this is a pretty tough act to follow I decided to use this week’s profile perv segment to bring you the following public service announcement:
This past week, a lovely, young lady IMed me to compliment me on my AO and ask me where it was purchased.  After giving her the landmark and sending her on her way, I took a moment to look at her profile.  I was pleasantly surprised by the total lack of self-aggrandizing bullshit that is seemingly endemic in the profiles of Second Life residents.  (If you’re really a rock star, you don’t have to write it in your profile because we already know.)  So you can imagine my chagrin when I looked at her “1st Life” tab and saw the image posted above.  And why am I looking at a very real picture of a totally adorable, sweet, disarmingly honest, all-American girl pulling down her shirt suggestively to offer up her milky, white bosom with an advertisement that she loves “to get freaky?”  I’ll tell you why.  It’s because HER FATHER TOTALLY FUCKED UP. 
If you are a father or a step-father or a caretaker for a female child, adolescent, or young adult then PAY ATTENTION!  Chris Rock said it best when he said, “Your only job as a father is to keep your baby off the pole.”  I believe that it is also your job to make sure that your little girl does NOT voluntarily have compromising pictures of herself posted on the internets.  Talk to her.  Hug her.  Love her.  Tell her she’s the most beautiful thing in the world.  Tell her not to flash dipshits with video cameras that generously offer “a free t-shirt if you show [them] your tits.”  And make sure that she didn’t miss any hugs so that when the free t-shirt bit doesn’t work and said dipshits resort to telling her how cute and attractive she is in a effort to capture her bare breasts on camera she happily tells them where they can get off.
Ladies, unless you’re a pro hoe then you need to put the cameras away.  This shit will only lead to major FML moments later in life when 22 is a distant memory and you actually have something to lose.
Also,  I think there would be fewer Second Life divorces if everyone were as honest as this resident is in his “About Me” section:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ooooh… I Love To Love You, Baby

Today I put some Disco Sh!t out on the street, so naturally I put on my Boogie Shoes to pay tribute to my favorite disco diva, Donna Summer.   Ooooh … I Love To Love You, Baby.
~SHAG~ Disco Sh!t Living Room
MAU’s & MEJ’s - ::Afro Dite Extreme
[PXL] Creations -  Linda_Tan_NaturalLips_GlamEyes_BlackEB_G2
the BLACK ROCK ring by caLLie cLine
Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa - Silver Outfit

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Codebastard Redgrave Is Such A B!tch

Oh calm down, I’m just kidding.  Before I had the pleasure of meeting the Big Red Heart personally, I wasn’t sure why the whole digital world was lining up to kiss her ample booty.  But then she came to visit me one day at ~SHAG~ and farted rainbows all over the place and I too became smitten with this Second Life sweetheart.  And on top of being a genuinely kind person, she makes really useful stuff!  She just released FilterCam 2.0, which is great for anyone who isn’t a photoshop master or might be feeling too lazy to dress up his or her digital scrapbook.  Just wear the HUD, select whatever filter floats your boat, make sure you “show HUD objects in snapshot,” and snap away.  There are lots of filter presets ready to use in FilterCam 2.0 and you can even make your own filters.  I’m a huge fan of the iPhone preset – it just might keep all of my pixel boyfriends from getting into trouble with their real girlfriends for putting pictures of my fine pixels all over their iPhones.  And you know I’m going to get some use out of the crosshairs preset…
[ML] FilterCam HUD v 2.0
LAQ ~ Alice 01 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Exile Anya (Ash)
T Junction - I'm On Santa's Naughty List LTD
T Junction - Suck It LTD
terri.tees hacking santa tee
T Junction - Are You Staring At My Jingle Bells? LTD
T Junction - Santa's Favorite Ho

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blacklace Xmas Naughtiness: Round 2

Oh Santa, there are so many naughty boys.  And apparently they’re all into Reindeer Games, because since last week’s post I’ve been fielding IMs from naughty little buggers telling me that they want to grab me by the antlers and give me a Christmas present I’ll never forget.  I’m still not sure why they need to hold onto my antlers to give me new shoes, but \o/ for male readers.  Anyways, with a reaction like that you know I had to go another round with one of my favorite lingerie boutiques on the grid, Blacklace.  And I’m so excited, because Blacklace has gone all out for this holiday season with a number of festive new releases that are sure to light your holiday fire.  I fell in love with the Naughty Elf: Red & Green Cincher Set.  The lines are drawn just right and the design says, “I am hot sex on a platter, but don’t even think about touching the goods unless that’s jewelry in your pocket cause I’m a high-dollar hoe.”  As always, the textures are fantastic – this set has a great shimmery effect that you have to see to really appreciate. 
Ladies, send your man down to Blacklace ASAP with instructions to right-click and buy everything in sight.  Everything is totally transferable, so he can give you the gifts that you deserve (and he’ll appreciate.)  If you’re really lucky, he might even right-click and buy some of the quality Alphamale menswear and look attractive enough for you to date.  No man to buy you gifts?  Go buy something for yourself since you totally deserve look and feel this sexy.  (And then once your Blacklace lingerie brings all the boys to your yard you can send them back for future purchases.)
~Blacklace~ Naughty Elf: Red & Green Lace Cincher Set
~Blacklace~ Holiday Collection: Candy Cane Bra & Garter Set
~Blacklace~ Holiday Collection: Mistletoe Bra & Garter Set
Magika Hair – Snow Queen (Black B)
LAQ ~ Alice 08 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Maitreya Verve Pumps – Red
my skybox by Jordan Giant
Botanical  - Green Holiday Fir Small (mt)
~SHAG~ Gift Box (Various)
Diesel Works - The Debutante Chaise - Black

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Hate Everything About You

Why does Monday have to suck so much?  It’s the worst.  Thankfully, I found this super cute tank and boy-short set at T-Junction, which are making it a bit more bearable.  (And you know I’ll use any excuse to wear this hair.)  I stopped in at T-Junction a while back and positively adored the selection of quality, casual shirts and tops.  Almost everything in the store made me laugh or say “OMG! That is so me".”  And I could tell that the creators had a few good laughs while making them, which is always nice.  If you find yourself looking for a great, eye-catching t-shirt with a lot of personality to complete your casual look, then head over to T-Junction and check it out.  The odds are that they’ll have something to help you express yourself.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a buttload of freebies at the door.
T-Junction – Make Me Moan Monday Set
:GP: Acorn [Light] Elf-Soot 2
Curl Up and Dye – Fatties (Ash Blonde)

WIN!: Shirt = Dress

You know I’m having a stupid, good day when someone releases a shirt that passes as a dress, especially when it gives me a reason to put on my blue suede boots.  The new Draped Dress from Acid and Mala Creations was no exception.  And at a promotional L$100 a pop, you can bet your bottom Linden that I snatched up this little number up in more than one color just as fast as I could right-click and buy.  Don’t worry, there was no buyer’s remorse when I got home.  The design is simple and sexy with zippers on either side, the intended draping effect is really well-executed, and the color is tremendously rich and vibrant.
And while I generally tend to darker skins, I recently decided to expand my skin collection by checking out a lighter skin tone.  I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the “Sundust” skin tone from Curio.  The skin looks sinfully smooth and it’s just the right peachy, pink, fleshy color – not at all dull and not too pale, which are issues I sometimes have with skins not designated as dark or tan.
I accessorized with some of my favorite jewelry by Violet Voltaire, who makes quality jewelry that can only be described as “ZOMG! This is so Effing Cute.”  (I have entirely too much cupcake jewelry and it’s all her fault.)  HELLO!?!?!  It’s a rainbow-colored tiara made of tiny beads and hearts!  And you need further justification why?
:GP: Sundust [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays
.:A&M:. Blue Draped Dress (HOT)
[rQ] Fuzzy~Blonde~
{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Bracelet
{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Necklace
{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Tiara
BAX Prestige Boots Blue Suede (Night)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fug Report: HOE No She Didn’t

It’s the Lord’s day and the fugs are out in full-force!  Now let’s forget for a moment that this young lady was equipped with one of those retarded devices that informs everyone within chat range of the identity of anyone that looks at his or her profile.  After all, the real show-stopper was the blinding, full-bright, silver, snakeskin boots and jacket.  If this girl’s second life dream is about nothing but looking like a Hollywood-Boulevard-Hooker, then she’s living it to the fullest.  BRAVO!  And I’d say it’s an unseasonably warm winter on Hollywood Boulevard by the appearance of her saucer-like nipples under the ultra-wet, baby tee … if the complete absence of her pants hadn’t clued me in first.  Ladies, your hoe gear should say “don’t you wish you could pixel pound me?” and NOT “20 for a blow, 50 for a lay.”  Don’t wear this, it makes the baby Jesus cry.

Too Much To Drink At The Office Holiday Party

When I got my invitation to this year’s office holiday party I couldn’t wait.  I quickly assembled the perfect outfit of things I can’t get away with during 9 to 5 business hours for the festivities.  I enlisted the help of my favorite hoetourier, CK Winx.  Afterall, if it’s sold at Luck, Inc. then you definitely can’t get away with it during regular business hours.  Ladies, I promise that CK Winx will never let you down when it comes to finding the perfect outfit that’s … barely an outfit.  If you’d like to unleash your inner hoe this holiday season, hurry on over to Luck, Inc. and buy it all.  (You’ll see it, there will be lots of hoes there.)
I guess I had too much to drink.  Somehow xerox copies of my perfect pixel booty got around…
*Linc* – Petite (Carnelian)
Stitch By Stitch – Winterhorns
>TRUTH< Bailey (Ivory)
EarthStones Twinkling Lights Earrings
EarthStones Twinkling Lights Necklace
Ephemeral Creations Jangle Bangle Bracelets (Silver)
LAQ ~ Alice 01 [Nougat] Glow skin

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Princess

There aren’t many designers talented enough to send my inner hoe running for cover.  But Nicky Ree is definitely among them.  Her use of color and hand-drawn textures are literally mind-blowing.  Her designs are classy and elegant.  She proves, time and again, that you can cover the goods up and still stop the show.
If Nicky Ree has a counterpart in the world of jewelry, it is without a doubt Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones.  Her builds and textures are impeccable, without exception.  On my latest trip to Earthstones, I picked up the Flurry Pearl Snowflake Set, which is amazingly delicate and beautiful.  Pairing it with this gown was a no brainer.
Many thanks to Raven Haalan, who converted his home into a beautiful winter playground this holiday season.  It’s quiet, intimate, and sets the perfect holiday scene.  There’s even hot chocolate!
Nicky Ree – Winter Flame Phoenix Gown (Blue)
EarthStones Snow Flurry Pearl Bracelet
EarthStones Snow Flurry Pearl Earrings
EarthStones Snow Flurry Pearl Necklace
ETD – Anisa (Nickel)
LAQ ~ Alice 01 [Nougat] Glow Skin

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Lip Gloss Is Poppin’

Gala Phoenix rules the skin world with an iron fist from a secluded castle on the Curio sim where her loyal minions keep the drama brought by lesser skin makers at bay.  But make no mistake, she works hard for the money and the proof is in the the … lip gloss.  When news of the new Elf Skins at Curio hit the presses, everyone was rambling on about the adorable, rosy red cheeks that give the appearance of having just come inside from a cold, winter world.  And yes, the rosy red cheeks are quite nice.  BUT DID THEY MISS THESE GLOSSY, RED LIPS THAT SAY, “DON’T YOU WISH YOU COULD KISS ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE?"  I didn’t.  In fact, they were the first thing I noticed.  These lips are slick and sexy with some of the best reflections and shading around.  If you’re going to be kissing someone this holiday season, or getting noticed at all for that matter, I recommend that you visit Curio and get your lips on like you mean it.
OMG….did I forget to mention BOOTY?!?!!?  While many skins make this Doll’s junk-in-the-trunk look like it has been dusted with some odd mixture of sand and powder or like there’s lines of dirt right under her perky cheeks, Curio’s shading and highlighting on the booty and all down the back of the legs hits the mark … as you can see.  Is it wrong that a booty as delicious as this belongs to a Doll with the face of an angel?  Gala Phoenix doesn’t think so, and neither do I.
Curio - :GP: Acorn [Dark] Elf-Snug 2
J’s – Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals (Red)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seduced By The Truth

I had this conversation with Truth Hawks about two months ago:
Truth Hawks: Hey Baby, I haven’t seen you in the store lately
Shyayn Lusch: Hi Truth.
Shyayn Lusch: I’ve been meaning to tell you.  I can’t do this anymore.  I’m with rQ now and it’s serious.
Truth Hawks: C’mon baby, don’t be like that.
Shyayn Lusch: Truth, please don’t make this any harder than it already is.
Truth Hawks: w/e… you know my fine prim work and quality textures bring all the girls to the yard.  You think you’re special?
Shyayn Lusch: Don’t do this.  No means no.
Truth Hawks: I know you’re not going to pay $300+ for a head of prim hair for long.
Truth Hawks: Fine.  I’ll seduce you with 4 new releases every week and free gifts until you come back to me.
So that’s how it happened.  And he was right.  As you can see, we’re back together now and happier than ever.  This week Truth gave me the perfect pigtails to celebrate!  I grabbed those little puppies and dashed off to AM Radio’s The Far Away, which is always where I like to reflect on designer fidelity.  And in honor of my reunion with Truth, I donned some of my very favorite designer duds.  The Shake It Shirt from SG Fashion is hot, hot, hot and is super flattering on curvy dolls.  Thankfully the good folks at WWI made their coochie cutter shorts hot enough to go with it.  These shorts are fabulous and definitely put the HOE in hoetastic.
I used Lucas Lameth’s jewelry to draw additional attention to my pixel boobs which usually renders about 90% of the male population mute on rezz.  Lameth’s jewelry is always eye-catching and since most of it is scripted to change tons of different colors, you can put it with anything in your wardrobe.
And although Bax Coen has made most of the shoe and boot makers on the grid suicidal, JB Gazov hasn’t given up the good fight.  I picked up these little red cowgirl boots at J’s and they are mighty fine.

>TRUTH< Keira (driftwood)
SG Fashion – Shake It Shirt (Red)
WWI – Coochie Cutters Dark
J’s Western Boots (Red)
(luc) Fashion Jewelry – Crescent Wish, Necklace Multi/Silver
(luc) Fashion Jewelry – One Wish Star, Earring Multi/Silver
LAQ ~ Alice 01 [Nougat] Glow Skin

Yep… I’m A Profile Perv

Resident profiles are a constant source of entertainment for me.  I find the ways that people express themselves, advertise themselves, and label themselves in profiles tremendously interesting.  And considering that I derive a great deal of pleasure from reading the profiles of other Second Life residents, I decided to include some of my favorite profile discoveries here.
At the outset, I want to point out that this little feature is all in good fun.  If anyone gets all butthurt over anything posted here, just contact me and we’ll work something out.  Thx.
On the advice of a friend, I looked at the profile of the Second Life resident above.  I was unclear about what made this profile so unique until I flipped to this resident’s 1st Life tab and saw his avatar’s head photoshopped onto a real body.  I adore the creativity here, but I wasn’t aware that a hairless chest, a washboard stomach, and a hint of pubic hair came wrapped up in the same package outside of a gay, male fantasy.  And no, there’s nothing wrong with being a gay, male fantasy…unless you have a pixel head photoshopped onto a real body.  I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s NOT okay and kinda freaky to photoshop your pixel head onto a real body, especially when that body belongs in an advertisement for a free rainbow-colored cock ring with your next gallon purchase of silicon-based lubricant (and you claim to like women.)  But my favorite part is the informational “….Yup,” as though we would be struck dumb in awe, on rezz of the atrocity, and only be able to ask ourselves if god had answered our prayers and delivered the guy with the pixel head on real (gay) body.  BRAVO!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moulin Rouge Done Right By Nymphetamine

Normally I don’t get to dress up and pretend I’m Xtina in the Lady Marmalade Video unless my flaming BFF is in town.  Thankfully paeoti Pomeray of Nymphetamine stepped in and gave this Doll a reason to dance with her newest release, the Lady Creole Set.  I’ve been a huge fan of Nymphetamine since I discovered it shortly after joining Second Life.  Nymphetamine always has something totally sexy or scandalous, and it’s always done right.  All too often I see designs that were intended to be sexy and provocative made to look cheap and trashy, especially in Second Life where fugly textures abound.  Not at Nymphetamine!  Pomeray clearly puts time, effort, and a whole lotta skill behind her texture and prim work.  Her fabrics appear soft and rich, like the shorts in the Lady Creole Set.  And the lace texture used on the attachments is among the best I’ve seen in a very long time.  I would say, “Hats Off to Nymphetamine,” but there’s no way I’m taking this one off.
Nymphetmine – Lady Creole Set
Magicka Hair – Curl (Black B)
JCNY – Mode Douce, Fashion Necklace
JCNY – Young Hollywood, Hyper-Gems Bracelets
BAX – Prestige Boots (Purple Suede)
LAQ ~ Jewel 01 [Nougat] Glow Skin


Reindeer Games at Blacklace

ZOMG…MAJOR AVATAR CUTENESS!  The other night I was lucky enough to receive a new, limited edition release from one of my very favorite lingerie shops on the grid, Blacklace.  It had never occurred to me that reindeer and lingerie were a match, but the Laya: Limited Edition Reindeer Set proves otherwise and is quite possibly one of the cutest things EVAH!  High-quality textures and impeccable designs have solidified Blacklace’s position as one of the premier providers of sexy under garments for Second Life residents, and this outfit brings no exception to that rule.  It’s tattoo-friendly as each article of clothing comes in all layers and if walking around in sexy lingerie and antlers is decidedly nice, the outfit comes with a barely there top for you naughty girls (shown below) that screams, “Play With My Jingle Bells.”  (Please take proper precautions to prevent your pixel nips from frostbite!)
Thanks to Dennis Lagan and Equinox Pinion of Fruit Island Estates for creating “Frosty Fruit Islands” this holiday season.  It’s a fantastic winter wonderland full of surprises and totally open to the public.  (I lived in Fruit Islands during my first year as a Second Life resident.)  Fruit Islands is a beautiful, superbly-managed private estate and I encourage you all to visit any of the public areas throughout the sims and especially this year’s “Frosty Fruit Islands.”
~Blacklace~ Laya: Reindeer Limited Edition Christmas Set
LAQ ~ Devlish (Ash Blonde)
Inimitably Design ~ “Diamond Fur” Heels (Black) 
LAQ ~ Alice 08 [Nougat] Glow Skin


TRUTHfully, The Perfect Winter Scarf

I’ve been struggling to create winter ensembles this year, and it’s not just because I generally have a hard time covering it up.  Until today, I hadn’t found the perfect winter scarf to go with my precious winter boots from ANEXX.  This morning Truth Hawks sent out a box filled with fabulous winter scarves in every color of the rainbow as a gift to the TRUTH update group.  I decided to frolic in my new scarves at La Casa de Boots, which is always done up right for the holidays and open to the public.  The scarves are absolutely outstanding in terms of quality and with 10 different colors to choose from, there’s one to suit any winter ensemble.  If you haven’t already joined the TRUTH update group to get your weekly dose of new hair, this Doll recommends that you do so in a hurry.
>TRUTH< Lygon Scarf [pink stripe]
*ARGRACE* Beanie – Long Layered Wavy – Platinum
EarthStones Nature’s Beauty Ring – Rose Quartz
Armidi Limited – Long Sleeve A01 Shirt [White]
Zaara : Jeans {classic} *indigo*
ANEXX Knit Legwarmers + Flats (Pink)
LAQ ~ Alice 01 [Nougat] Glow Skin

Truth Scarves 01
Truth Scarves 02
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