Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Shoe Report Card for Stiletto Moody

Stilleto Moody - Katherine
Whether you love Stiletto Moody or just love to hate Stiletto Moody, it’s hard to argue that they haven’t made a mark on the shoe world in Second Life.  Having a consumer group comprised of more than 15,000 residents and twice as many lining up to throw down (lots of) hard-earned Lindens to take home a piece of the Stiletto Moody shoe empire means that Stiletto Moody has made this year’s list.  The BARE Katherine shoe, one of SM’s most recent releases, is on the chopping block.
These shoes are aesthetically-pleasing and sport a strong overall design that boasts a super high heel and a pronounced arch in the foot.  This isn't a terribly versatile design that will fit with anything in your closet, but it is nonetheless very attractive.
The sculpts are very smooth with a solid LOD, making them definitely fit for sale.  The overall look of the sculpted foot is also quite good, despite the lack of shading and other detail on the foot texture.  However, the toe sculpts have been closed on the top of each toe, making the poles of each sculpted toe visible to the naked-eye when you look at the shoe head-on (Exhibit A.) 
Generally speaking, I think SM does a great job with textures.  However, these particular shoes were a big disappointment in that regard.  The texture used on these shoes is lackluster as applied to many parts of the shoe and extremely ill-suited for the sculpts spanning the top of the upper-foot area where it appears stretched beyond recognition (Exhibit B.)  The only area on this shoe where the texture actually holds water is on the backside of the upper-heel (Exhibit C.)
These shoes seem to fit my avatar better than many SM shoes in my closet, but still have some issues with respect to fitting seamlessly at the avatar ankles where it seems the options are either having avatar mesh swallow portions of the shoe or having a large gap around the top of the ankle portion that leaves some piece of flesh-colored sculpt visible. 
There's also a complete train wreck where the lower part of the shoe and the ankle attachment meet (Exhibit D.)
SM - Effed Up Toes and Textures
SM - Heel and Trainwreck
Color Options (including Nail Polish):
You're able to select either a silver or gold texture for the metal adornments on this shoe via the blue, drop-down menu.  You can also elect to sport a toe ring on either foot.  And of course, you can choose from several different nail polish colors.  Given what's available on the market, that's isn't a whole lot.  It might be enough to satisfy most consumers, if the nail polish options looked anything like polished nails.  I find the vast majority of nail polish textures available with these shoes utterly unimpressive, especially when compared with what's available from other high-end shoes on the market.
Skin Matching Capabilities:
Like other SM shoes, these provide the end-user with a primitive, blue, drop-down menu equipped with several skin pre-sets and several buttons to increase or decrease brightness and the values for the RGB color of the skin texture on the sculpted foot.  I have a strong preference for shoes that come with a HUD that shows the complete RGB color scale to adjust the color of a sculpted foot to match whatever skin I'm wearing since I seem to get the best match with those systems and they strike me as significantly more user-friendly.  That being said, it takes a bit of a time commitment and a lot of patience to get the sculpted feet on these shoes looking anything like the skin I'm wearing.  And while I'm able to get the color of the sculpted foot to closely approximate the tone of my skin, I'm unable to fine tune the color match.
Customer Service:
I have never had to contact Stiletto Moody personally and, therefore, cannot confirm reports that she's totally rude.  I can tell you that last time I visited the SM store an available (and friendly) customer service representative provided me with the basic information I requested about the new SM BAREfoot upgrade (which was unavailable from the displays that chanted "No Notecard ... available.")
I can also tell you that there are absolutely NO DEMOs available from Stiletto Moody.  There are many people that create non-transferable attachments for avatars.  A very large number of those creators offer demos for people to try on before they finalize a purchase to avoid customers being stuck with an item that they don't particularly care for and wouldn't have purchased if he or she had been given an opportunity to try the item beforehand.  Demos protect creators from having to deal with sticky customer service issues and run the risk of either upsetting a paying customer or getting taken for a ride by someone trying to get something for nothing.  I'll let you conclude why SM has continuously neglected to offer demos for the shoes they sell, despite customer requests.  I will say that when you charge more than L$2,000 for a pair of shoes and L$11,000 for a color pack, a Demo should definitely be made available.
Value (Quality/Price):
Hahahaha.  Are you kidding?  I feel violated when someone else pays the asking price for a pair of these shoes.
Seriously, if you're paying L$11,000 (or around $40.00 USD) for pixel shoes then you have more money than sense.  At least that old Gucci handbag in my closet will fetch me enough on EBay for a night out on the town.  (And if I keep it long enough, it becomes "vintage" and starts to appreciate in value!)
Overall Score: 29/60 or 48% = F


Suite Lady said...

FINALLY SOMEONE has the same amount of disdain for SM as I do!!! Who the hell would pay that much money for a shoe without a DEMO... are you freaking kidding me. Can you say G-U-L-A-B-L-E

Chic Aeon said...

Haven't tried any SM shoes and I am not a big fan of prim feet anyway, but you might be able to hear me clapping loudly for a post that lets people know how things really look. I had no idea they were THAT expensive. I could pay a whole month's rent on my quarter sim for that fatpack price *wink*.

I will say that I don't see a lot of SM shoes on the feeds. I'm not sure if that reflects the price tags or the theme of many bloggers to feature what they love and what they stand behind :D.

Thanks for posting.

A.N said...

I thought I would be the first to say FINALLY someone who sees how utterly ridiculous her prices are for these shoes and no demo?!! The hell is that. I can't trust I will like it once I spend 2200 on it. Oh and yes, she is rude...very. I had a friend tell me she once asked about resizing and she was very condescending to her, telling her it could stretched around a whole av is the wanted to and if she needed help doing that. Can we say RUDE. Her toes suck , the skin texture sucks, nail polishes suck and the color choices leave much to be desired. I don't want my ankle to look like someone just hacked it off with a axe and glued it back on either. I dont own a pair and don't plan to. Sorry for my blog within a blog lol <3

Kilolo Jenkins said...

Yay for procrastination and having the memory of a tulip. I was gonna blog about this as well. Of course...without buying a pair. And my adorable lil sissah beat me to commenting.

Kudos to you, Digital Doll. I <3 this post for its honesty and of course the report card :) It's epic W-I-N.

My skin is VERY difficult to match with most toe shoes and I manage okay, but ONLY because I get the demos first. And since I don't know SM personally, I can't comment on her demeanor. I can say that the customer service persons (yes...spoke to more than one) that "assisted" me all told me the same: SM doesn't make demos.

For 2200L I can go to J's and buy a multipack of their shoes for the same price as I would for ONE pair of Moody's. Kalnins shoes, even less...and with more color variety.

Thank you again Digital Doll...this was the best Christmas present this shopper could ever have hoped for: an honest review of a shoe that mystifies many...even if no one will admit the pricing is ridiculous.

Chalice Carling said...

Brilliant post. I can't get SM prim toe shoes to fit for love or money. My foot always looks amputated and tied back with string. I do love the shoes in the advertisements but it never looks like that on my av's foot.

Thanks for road testing in what I consider a very fair and informative way.


She isnt RUDE! HE is rude!! Its a Man Baby or i should say MEN.. from australia!!! Digital Pastry Owns Stiletto Moody Shoes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VneipG1BvA http://www.youtube.com/user/pollenizer#p/u/48/dGdmFk9C7NE


You have Middle Eastern Men making your shoes CONGRATS PEOPLE!! Try Buying from real people who make shoe for a living! Not a corp. bottom line. A.B.M Anything But Moody!!!!