Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blacklace Xmas Naughtiness: Round 2

Oh Santa, there are so many naughty boys.  And apparently they’re all into Reindeer Games, because since last week’s post I’ve been fielding IMs from naughty little buggers telling me that they want to grab me by the antlers and give me a Christmas present I’ll never forget.  I’m still not sure why they need to hold onto my antlers to give me new shoes, but \o/ for male readers.  Anyways, with a reaction like that you know I had to go another round with one of my favorite lingerie boutiques on the grid, Blacklace.  And I’m so excited, because Blacklace has gone all out for this holiday season with a number of festive new releases that are sure to light your holiday fire.  I fell in love with the Naughty Elf: Red & Green Cincher Set.  The lines are drawn just right and the design says, “I am hot sex on a platter, but don’t even think about touching the goods unless that’s jewelry in your pocket cause I’m a high-dollar hoe.”  As always, the textures are fantastic – this set has a great shimmery effect that you have to see to really appreciate. 
Ladies, send your man down to Blacklace ASAP with instructions to right-click and buy everything in sight.  Everything is totally transferable, so he can give you the gifts that you deserve (and he’ll appreciate.)  If you’re really lucky, he might even right-click and buy some of the quality Alphamale menswear and look attractive enough for you to date.  No man to buy you gifts?  Go buy something for yourself since you totally deserve look and feel this sexy.  (And then once your Blacklace lingerie brings all the boys to your yard you can send them back for future purchases.)
~Blacklace~ Naughty Elf: Red & Green Lace Cincher Set
~Blacklace~ Holiday Collection: Candy Cane Bra & Garter Set
~Blacklace~ Holiday Collection: Mistletoe Bra & Garter Set
Magika Hair – Snow Queen (Black B)
LAQ ~ Alice 08 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Maitreya Verve Pumps – Red
my secret.place skybox by Jordan Giant
Botanical  - Green Holiday Fir Small (mt)
~SHAG~ Gift Box (Various)
Diesel Works - The Debutante Chaise - Black

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