Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fug Report: HOE No She Didn’t

It’s the Lord’s day and the fugs are out in full-force!  Now let’s forget for a moment that this young lady was equipped with one of those retarded devices that informs everyone within chat range of the identity of anyone that looks at his or her profile.  After all, the real show-stopper was the blinding, full-bright, silver, snakeskin boots and jacket.  If this girl’s second life dream is about nothing but looking like a Hollywood-Boulevard-Hooker, then she’s living it to the fullest.  BRAVO!  And I’d say it’s an unseasonably warm winter on Hollywood Boulevard by the appearance of her saucer-like nipples under the ultra-wet, baby tee … if the complete absence of her pants hadn’t clued me in first.  Ladies, your hoe gear should say “don’t you wish you could pixel pound me?” and NOT “20 for a blow, 50 for a lay.”  Don’t wear this, it makes the baby Jesus cry.


Unknown said...

And what's up with that hair? Cut out brown construction paper... not a bad look if you aspire for a cameo on South Park. LOL!

Yeah Right. said...

You know what? Those boots and that jacket are quite well made. And her proportions are good, the prim jacket balances out the streamlined body. I don't think this is a Fug at all. And it's not that different from what you wear, she isn't blogging it and thrusting it into our faces, just shopping. Just because something isn't to your taste doesn't mean it isn't right.

Fix your own thyroid popped bug eyes, oversiliconed lower lip, disproportionate waist, tiny head and fat thighs before you go fugging other people, sweetheart.

SweetDeb Kips said...

This cracked me up!

Rhi Rossini said...

Haha! This gave me a giggle, TY!

Runt Dastardly said...

Trolling for fug at Cumdumpster's is like shooting fish in a barrel, and there are always FAR fuglier fish than this. That said, I will agree that the profile sniffer thingie is pure fail. Wearing something that alerts the whole sim as to who is looking at your profile makes you look like a pathetic, insecure jerkface. Right up there with an anti-inspect shield. In fact, let's all agree to taunt & shame people that use them. :-)