Monday, December 21, 2009


Snapshot _ LeLutka ULTRA I, Heinlein (133, 246, 34)
Minnu Palen is a force to reckon with in the Second Life fashion world.  When the MMS/ scandal broke and rocked the SL fashion world at its core, she demonstrated tremendous business acumen that is rarely seen in Second Life and seized the opportunity to rebrand her business and herself as LeLutka, distancing herself and her wares from the giant cesspool of hatred that the rest of the SL fashion world was bathing in daily.  She didn’t stop there.  From the flames she emerged bigger, stronger, and more commercially-viable than before.  So naturally I was game when my friend showed up yesterday and dictated that we MUST attend the LeLutka ULTRA Show.  He barked that we had to get there 30 minutes early so that things would rezz before it got crowded and ordered me to “hurry the hell up and put some hoe shit on.” 
So I flipped through the folders of my new hoe clothes while he started banging away at that teleport button with a ferocity and zeal I recognized from when I was a kid and my little brother finally secured the Contra up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right code and was determined to get his 99 lives.  (For the record, that shit is for pussies who can’t fight.)  Panic set in as he cried, “I can’t tp in.  I’m not allowed into the destination!”  I was quite sure it was user error.  “Hang on, I’m going to check Plurk!” he quipped as he scrambled to read the latest from his exclusive source for a reliable, accurate, and complete rendition of everything that matters. 
He started reading the Plurk blow-by-blow aloud, “We looooooved the LeLutka fashion show.”
“Did we miss it?” he shrieked and continued reading.  “Oh no, there are two shows,” his voice began to taper.  “Oh, there was a VIP show for the press that started an hour ago.  We’re on time for the public show,” the disappointment in his voice was palpable as he finally poofed, being allowed into the destination.
My teleport offer arrived and whisked my D-List ass right into another SL fashion show.  I wasn’t pissed that I didn’t get into the VIP show.  (I’m only going to a fashion show to perv your profile anyways, so the more the merrier.)  In fact, I applaud the idea of having these fashion shows run several times over the course of whatever day they’re scheduled for given the amount of effort and planning that a whole lot of people put into these things.  And I even agree that there should be time scheduled for members of the press to access the venue and properly photograph it and so forth.  Of course, it did cross my mind that you might want to avoid massive PR fails like the one described above and be transparent about such things.  I also thought that perhaps you might call your paying customers VIPs and give them a first look instead of reserving that designation for everyone with a weblog that’s bucking for the privilege of being the first one to publically fellate you on the feeds.


Phoenix Chapman said...

Well, I handled the VIP guest list for that event yesterday, and it wasn't a press show. It was a VIP show. There were members of the press there, but they were mostly friends of one of the LeLutka designers who just happens to also write a blog/for a magazine/etc.

The VIPs were those who are personal friends with one of the designers, or have a business relationship with LeLutka, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

member of the "press"

you idiots stop pretending you are something you are not, NO ONE in SL is anything. They are not ceos, they are not press, or any offical titles. they are all fucking losers. this lelutka stuff is not a force to be reckoned with. Anyone can rip the shit and has if you guys look in the right sims, it is really all a pointless argument. I am so sick of you fat bitch housewives thinking you are official press, "vips" or anything special. YOURE NO ONE.