Friday, December 11, 2009

My Lip Gloss Is Poppin’

Gala Phoenix rules the skin world with an iron fist from a secluded castle on the Curio sim where her loyal minions keep the drama brought by lesser skin makers at bay.  But make no mistake, she works hard for the money and the proof is in the the … lip gloss.  When news of the new Elf Skins at Curio hit the presses, everyone was rambling on about the adorable, rosy red cheeks that give the appearance of having just come inside from a cold, winter world.  And yes, the rosy red cheeks are quite nice.  BUT DID THEY MISS THESE GLOSSY, RED LIPS THAT SAY, “DON’T YOU WISH YOU COULD KISS ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE?"  I didn’t.  In fact, they were the first thing I noticed.  These lips are slick and sexy with some of the best reflections and shading around.  If you’re going to be kissing someone this holiday season, or getting noticed at all for that matter, I recommend that you visit Curio and get your lips on like you mean it.
OMG….did I forget to mention BOOTY?!?!!?  While many skins make this Doll’s junk-in-the-trunk look like it has been dusted with some odd mixture of sand and powder or like there’s lines of dirt right under her perky cheeks, Curio’s shading and highlighting on the booty and all down the back of the legs hits the mark … as you can see.  Is it wrong that a booty as delicious as this belongs to a Doll with the face of an angel?  Gala Phoenix doesn’t think so, and neither do I.
Curio - :GP: Acorn [Dark] Elf-Snug 2
J’s – Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals (Red)

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