Sunday, December 20, 2009

PSA Via Profile Perv

It’s that time again, and since this is a pretty tough act to follow I decided to use this week’s profile perv segment to bring you the following public service announcement:
This past week, a lovely, young lady IMed me to compliment me on my AO and ask me where it was purchased.  After giving her the landmark and sending her on her way, I took a moment to look at her profile.  I was pleasantly surprised by the total lack of self-aggrandizing bullshit that is seemingly endemic in the profiles of Second Life residents.  (If you’re really a rock star, you don’t have to write it in your profile because we already know.)  So you can imagine my chagrin when I looked at her “1st Life” tab and saw the image posted above.  And why am I looking at a very real picture of a totally adorable, sweet, disarmingly honest, all-American girl pulling down her shirt suggestively to offer up her milky, white bosom with an advertisement that she loves “to get freaky?”  I’ll tell you why.  It’s because HER FATHER TOTALLY FUCKED UP. 
If you are a father or a step-father or a caretaker for a female child, adolescent, or young adult then PAY ATTENTION!  Chris Rock said it best when he said, “Your only job as a father is to keep your baby off the pole.”  I believe that it is also your job to make sure that your little girl does NOT voluntarily have compromising pictures of herself posted on the internets.  Talk to her.  Hug her.  Love her.  Tell her she’s the most beautiful thing in the world.  Tell her not to flash dipshits with video cameras that generously offer “a free t-shirt if you show [them] your tits.”  And make sure that she didn’t miss any hugs so that when the free t-shirt bit doesn’t work and said dipshits resort to telling her how cute and attractive she is in a effort to capture her bare breasts on camera she happily tells them where they can get off.
Ladies, unless you’re a pro hoe then you need to put the cameras away.  This shit will only lead to major FML moments later in life when 22 is a distant memory and you actually have something to lose.
Also,  I think there would be fewer Second Life divorces if everyone were as honest as this resident is in his “About Me” section:


Kestheba Karas said...

If it was a man in the first profile with half his clothes off and proclaiming he likes to party, would you think he's a "ho"? Did his father fuck up?

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for taking her picture and posting it in more places on the internet. That really backs up your views. Good job.

Anonymous said...

you need to stop thinking your some authority or whatever you think you are in second life and bothering other players, or you may just jeopardize your ability to interact with that world. Can't you see what you are doing is wrong?

Anonymous said...

Umm I don't think that is really right to put other people's profile in a blog & judge it. We ALL have our reasons for coming here & we should let people be free to be & do what they want unless they're being an annoyance to others hence infringing on their right to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Sure profile and ppls are funny, but seriously wth are your eyes so big. No really, has no one mentioned your eyes are scary huge, esp in the "sexy" snaps and the mask one. We are scrolling your pics laughing. There's Doll and there is newb lefovers, use those sliders! You figured out how to make your ass huge, make your eyes smaller.

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