Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reindeer Games at Blacklace

ZOMG…MAJOR AVATAR CUTENESS!  The other night I was lucky enough to receive a new, limited edition release from one of my very favorite lingerie shops on the grid, Blacklace.  It had never occurred to me that reindeer and lingerie were a match, but the Laya: Limited Edition Reindeer Set proves otherwise and is quite possibly one of the cutest things EVAH!  High-quality textures and impeccable designs have solidified Blacklace’s position as one of the premier providers of sexy under garments for Second Life residents, and this outfit brings no exception to that rule.  It’s tattoo-friendly as each article of clothing comes in all layers and if walking around in sexy lingerie and antlers is decidedly nice, the outfit comes with a barely there top for you naughty girls (shown below) that screams, “Play With My Jingle Bells.”  (Please take proper precautions to prevent your pixel nips from frostbite!)
Thanks to Dennis Lagan and Equinox Pinion of Fruit Island Estates for creating “Frosty Fruit Islands” this holiday season.  It’s a fantastic winter wonderland full of surprises and totally open to the public.  (I lived in Fruit Islands during my first year as a Second Life resident.)  Fruit Islands is a beautiful, superbly-managed private estate and I encourage you all to visit any of the public areas throughout the sims and especially this year’s “Frosty Fruit Islands.”
~Blacklace~ Laya: Reindeer Limited Edition Christmas Set
LAQ ~ Devlish (Ash Blonde)
Inimitably Design ~ “Diamond Fur” Heels (Black) 
LAQ ~ Alice 08 [Nougat] Glow Skin


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