Monday, December 14, 2009

WIN!: Shirt = Dress

You know I’m having a stupid, good day when someone releases a shirt that passes as a dress, especially when it gives me a reason to put on my blue suede boots.  The new Draped Dress from Acid and Mala Creations was no exception.  And at a promotional L$100 a pop, you can bet your bottom Linden that I snatched up this little number up in more than one color just as fast as I could right-click and buy.  Don’t worry, there was no buyer’s remorse when I got home.  The design is simple and sexy with zippers on either side, the intended draping effect is really well-executed, and the color is tremendously rich and vibrant.
And while I generally tend to darker skins, I recently decided to expand my skin collection by checking out a lighter skin tone.  I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the “Sundust” skin tone from Curio.  The skin looks sinfully smooth and it’s just the right peachy, pink, fleshy color – not at all dull and not too pale, which are issues I sometimes have with skins not designated as dark or tan.
I accessorized with some of my favorite jewelry by Violet Voltaire, who makes quality jewelry that can only be described as “ZOMG! This is so Effing Cute.”  (I have entirely too much cupcake jewelry and it’s all her fault.)  HELLO!?!?!  It’s a rainbow-colored tiara made of tiny beads and hearts!  And you need further justification why?
:GP: Sundust [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays
.:A&M:. Blue Draped Dress (HOT)
[rQ] Fuzzy~Blonde~
{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Bracelet
{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Necklace
{Violet Voltaire} Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Tiara
BAX Prestige Boots Blue Suede (Night)

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OMFG buy some eyelids! thats just scary.