Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Deliciously Dapper Valentine

Deliciously Dapper Valentine 1
My goodness, the cool weather this week reminded me that although Valentine’s Day is upon is that it’s still a bit brisk out and some folks might be looking for Valentine’s Day ensemble that is comprised of a bit more than a bra, thong, and smatterings of lace.  So I was terribly excited when I stumbled upon this wonderful little number from a little store on the grid, CdC Fashion deLuxe!  It embodies all the femininity of teeny, tiny lingerie but with significantly more coverage.  The prim attachments are magnificent and TOTALLY MODIFIABLE, so no silly resize scripts with the blue menu to worry about.  (And we all know that those resize scripts do NOT come even close to helping all the dolls out there with faces and bootys of all different shapes and sizes.)  The textures work just fine and the prim work is worth writing home about, so this is definitely the ensemble for you if you’re looking to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit without parading around in lingerie.  Can you imagine that someone recently told me that lingerie was NOT a complete outfit.  *GASP*  (If you like showing your pixel nips, it come with both naughty and nice versions.)  Oh, and did I mention that this outfit compliments the Black Cherry shade of the newest release from Bax Boots perfectly?  It does.
Deliciously Dapper Valentine 3
And in Bax-related news, there is now an in-world group for Bax Boots lovers from far and wide!  I found out about this little gem on my last visit to the Bax Boots main store when I discovered that the newest release was 50% Off for members of the Bax’s Boot Promotion and Update group.  So you can bet your bottom linden that I panicked and frantically clicked on everything I could until I found out exactly where and how I could join.  Simply search for the group under the “groups” tab in the SecondLife search or visit the Bax Boots main store to find the group joiner kiosk and pay your $L 250 to join.  Group members are entitled to special deals (like the one mentioned above) and all the Bax Boots news they can handle.  If you ask me, $L 250 and sacrificing a group spot are well-worth the deals.  If you factor in the (one-time) fee I paid to join the group, I still came out ahead on my purchase of the new Bax Red Suede Boots.
Deliciously Dapper Valentine 2
To complete one of my more full-coverage looks for this year’s Valentine’s Day season, I accessorized with a deliciously dapper monocle from .:-CatniP-:. and some exceptional jewelry from Burroughs Jewelry.
CdC Fashion deLuxe - Lady Valentine (Black)
BAX Prestige Boots Red Suede (Black Cherry)
LAQ ~ Alice 08 [Nougat] Glow skin
LAQ ~ Snowstorm - black
Burroughs Jewelry - Jealousy Necklace
Burroughs Jewelry - Jealousy Earrings
Burroughs Jewelry - Jealousy Bracelet
.:-CatniP-:. Monocle V2

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