Friday, February 26, 2010

ELIXIR: Eradicating Bad Latex

ELIXIR - Bad Latex Bounty Hunter On White

ELIXIR Latex Bodysuit Black

Latex is a hot commodity in Second Life.  Generally-speaking, it’s also completely effed up or otherwise fugly and unacceptable (and often sold for astronomical prices.)  Most latex clothing on the grid features giant white gashes masquerading as reflections over flat textures and completely unflattering cuts that scream “DO NOT WEAR THIS.”  And let’s not forget all the latex designed for desperate dominas that cover everything except your T&A.  If I had a $L for every time I’ve seen crap latex palmed-off as “couture” or “lingerie with an edge,” I’d be on the cover of BusinessWeek instead of Anshe Chung.  So what are you supposed to do if you’re in need of QUALITY latex that won’t break the bank or scream “attention whore” to everyone around you?  I’ll tell you.

Go over to ELIXIR Latex, home of the finest latex in Second Life.  It puts all the other latex out there to shame.  The cuts and designs are all tease and no sleaze.  The reflections from ELIXIR are so far superior to anything else out there that you’ll wonder what you were thinking when you decided to wear that lesser latex.  Oh, the prices are better too.

ELIXIR Latex Bodysuit Black Close


ELIXIR latex Bodysuit 1.5 F- Black

SLink Marina Boots Black
Omega Concern - Dual/Single SIG P229s
LAQ ~ Jewel 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
[rQ] HuSh~Blonde


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