Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fabulous Sculpts Galore for Valentine’s Day and More!

Pesky RL kept me away for almost a month, but I made it back to the metaverse just in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities!  And Ms. Ghanie Lane of Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has been a very busy bee in my absence.  If you have any interest in building, I recommend heading over to Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps for exquisite sculpts at an exceptional price.  Don’t know how to apply a sculpt map?  It’s okay, the instructions are in the box and it’s as easy as pie.
And finally, there is a fantastic set of alphabet sculpts on the grid!  Every alphabet set I’ve purchased to date features mangled poles resulting in ugly texture glitter, but no more!  The new alphabet set from Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps is awesome, and if you’re anything like me then you’ll be relieved that you now have a low-prim way to write your name (or anything else) wherever you want.  (These will be perfect for creating a Shyayn version of the necklace Mariah Carey wore in the “Touch My Body” video!)
GL Alphabet.jpg
Just for Valentine’s Day
Leaving no creator without everything they could ever hope for, Ms. Lane has just released some essentials for Valentine’s Day.
Just for Jewelers
Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps specializes in providing sculpt maps and sculpted prims that can be shrunk to itty bitty sizes for use in avatar attachments, especially jewelry.  (This is what the designation “nano” in the advertisements means and you can the relative sizes in the upper right-hand corner of each advertisement.)  So if you’re an aspiring jeweler or someone wanting to make belts, hats, or other avatar accessories then you’ll want to stock up.  Need additional tips and tricks on how to make jewelry and create magic with tiny prims?  Check out the outstanding jewelry tutorials by Natalia Zelmanov here under the jewelry tutorial section.
Just for the Chinese New Year
This year the Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day, and in honor of the occasion, Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has released several sets of Hanzi letter sculpt maps.  So far, Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has released sculpt maps for the luck, love, and tiger of the Chinese zodiac symbols.  I believe she is working on more symbols for this line, so be sure to join her mailing list when you stop by to stock up.  Mailing list members are privy to special sales, promotions and freebies, so it’s definitely worth a mailing list subscription.
Affiliate Vendors – 40% Commission On All Sales
Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps also has an affiliate vendor program that pays the owner of any affiliate vendor 40% of every sale.  Affiliate vendors are FREE at the Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps store on Lithe.  Affiliate vendors are available in 8 different models, ranging from 1 to 23 prims each.
Gl Affiliate Vendors - 40% Commission

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