Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Get A Valentine In 2010

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I know a lot of you are pissing and moaning because it’s just another occasion to memorialize the fact that your single.  Don’t fret!  Follow these simple instructions, and you too can trap get a Valentine in 2010.
1. Dress To Impress
Blacklace Cupid - Red and White
One of the reasons that Valentine’s Day is better than Halloween is because it’s an excellent opportunity to buy LOTS of lingerie and pass it off as a completely reasonable ensemble for several weeks, whereas Halloween only allows you to pretend to be slutty for one night.  That being said, I’ve seen a lot of lingerie out there and on the feeds.  Most of it is okay, if you’re not trying to get laid or just wear something made of satin and lace that covers as much of your body as possible while still being technically underwear.  Needless to say that isn’t going to work if you’re wanting to attract attention of the hot-blooded male variety.  So…
Get your cute, little pixels butts over to Blacklace where you can pick up a number of things that will make you look like hot sex on a platter.  I highly recommend the Blacklace Cupid Set, among other things.  It comes in both pink and red and is all the fabulousness that we’ve come to expect from Blacklace.  Sumptuous textures, impeccable lines, and finely-crafted prim attachments make the Cupid Set a winner!  Blacklace has become one of my very favorite places to procure fine lingerie because Ms. Mariska Simons is NOT afraid of color.  Soft, muted colors are all fine and good, but I love brave, bold colors done properly.
Blacklace Cupid - Plus Heels
And let’s not forget to pay a little attention to the girls.  Remember that men are simple creatures and 99.5% of them are easily confused and distracted by female breasts, even the gay ones.  A nice rack goes a long way towards getting whatever it is that you want when dealing with a man, whether it’s the kid who works in the office supply room or the CEO.  Nobody on the grid does cleavage like Mallory Cowen over at LAQ.  So make sure you put some of the LAQ Cleavage Enhancers on your list.
Last, but most certainly not least, outfit yourself in some outstanding high heels.  Put the boots away for now because a pair of super high heels at the end of stocking-clad legs is indisputably hot.  I opted for the LeLutka Saffron Pumps, which are a mighty fine shoe and come in a bevy of colors.
2. Set The Scene
Although most men aren’t terribly picky about much of anything and will happily walk out of the house looking like they were dressed by Stevie Wonder, it is nonetheless important to set the trap scene.  A nicely decorated enclave will foster intimacy and, more importantly, remind him that you are all woman.  And I don’t care how women’s lib you wanna get about it, men always respond positively to that homemaking stuff.  (That’s why you’ll get anything you want if you set the crock pot before work and he comes home to a house that smells like a meaty dinner.)  Just think of decorating as your virtual crock pot.  I have released everything you’ll need and more for trapping attracting your Valentine in 2010.  Come check out all the ~SHAG~ Valentine’s Day goodies and get your house in order!
3. Look Cute And Approachable
Snapshot_006 Snapshot_060 
You’re dressed and the scene is set.  Everything is in place to lure attract your Valentine to-be.  All you have to do at this point, is wait.  Don’t forget that men are also easily intimidated and have a tremendous fear of rejection.  So whatever you do, make sure you look attractive, available, and approachable.  At any rate, you have built it and they WILL come.  Expect your first victim suitor within an hour or so after you’ve completed your preparation.  He’ll likely just wander in and sit on your sofa, like he owns the place.  (The male ego is HUGE, albeit incredibly sensitive.)
4. Greet Your Guest
The trap plan has worked and a potential Valentine for 2010 has arrived!  Evaluate from a distance and use the eject button, if appropriate.  If he passes initial inspection, approach and greet, making sure you position yourself as to give your suitor an unfettered full-body view.  (He will likely be rendered mute at this point and you are completely in control.)  After that, you just have to use the menu…
Snapshot_044 Snapshot_026
~Blacklace~ Cupid: Red Heart Lingerie Set
~Blacklace~ Cupid: Pink Heart Lingerie Set
Calla White Lupine Bleached Blondes (Pale Honey)
LAQ ~ Alice 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 - [Nougat]
[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Electric Red)
[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Electric Pink)
~SHAG~ Suck My Kiss Sofa
~SHAG~ Lust Coupon ~ 69
~SHAG~ Love Me! Balloons (2010) - Big Red Bow
~SHAG~ Love Me! Lights (2010)
~SHAG~ Sculpted Sheepskin Rug