Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Easter Bunny Cometh … Soon

The Easter Bunny Cometh 02

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The Easter Bunny Cometh 03

Easter is right around the corner, so I hope you’ve got your little pixel butts ready for bunny mania.  Oh wait, I think I remember seeing something about bunnies.  (Ozimals?)  Anyways, the fabulous Miss Ghanie Lane of Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has already gotten me in the spirit with her newly-released Anime Bunny Ears!  Now we can all parade around in wonderful bunny ears, not just those of us that were around when someone got pissed at the Playboy people.

Of course, Terri Wardell of terri.tees has also served up some adorable shirts for the festivities.  (I just know that Dick Cheney will be flattered when he sees this post!)  She even threw in some action for the Pillsbury Doughboy who will happily proclaim “He is Risen” this Easter Sunday.  Not to be out done, the good folks over at .:-CatniP-:. have delivered us from evil belts with this Easter’s must-have accessory, the Easter Bunny Belt.

The Easter Bunny Cometh 01


[GL] Anime Bunny Ears
terri.tees cheney bunney tee
terri.tees girl bunneh tee
terri.tees risen tee
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-nude 03 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
Burroughs Jewelry - Premium - DDee Hoops Earrings
.:-CatniP-:. Easter Bunny Belt (black)
[Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans - Dark
::69:: AMK2 – Platinum

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