Friday, April 30, 2010

Shibari Chic: Painfully Pleasurable

Shibari 04

Shibari 03

This week one of my male readers made me an offering in the form of a package simply called “Angelic Bondage.”  After my initial thoughts about the extremely high level of testicular fortitude that it took to make such an offering had passed, I suppressed the accompanying knee-jerk reaction to use my (sometimes) sharp and venomous tongue to collect another set of balls for the collection I display on my mantle at home just long enough to open the package and try on its contents.  I’m exceptionally happy that I did, for within “Angelic Bondage” was one of the finest pieces of fetish clothing I have ever come across in Second Life.

Shibari is a Japanese word that means “to tie” or “to bind” and is commonly used to describe a specific style of sexual bondage that involves tying one up in a visually-stimulating pattern of  jute rope  that intentionally forces the person being bound into an uncomfortable position.  Given the quality of the “Angelic Bondage” outfit by Ropeworx, I decided to go on my very own journey of pain for pleasure’s sake.

Shibari 05

I stopped in first at Ropeworx to verify the provenience of my newfound prize and check out the other wares for sale.  I grabbed the “Hand Marks” that you can see in the picture above.  While I’m not certain that they are distinctly hand marks, I am certain that they are finely-crafted and leave a great bit to one’s imagination about what might have left such an imprint on your posterior.  And the fact that there is a great deal left to the imagination of the end-user is an outstanding accomplishment (and no small feat) for any artist that makes goods for the fetish community in Second Life.

Upon my arrival home, clad only in rope, I decided to decorate my doll for the occasion and set the scene for the pictures you see here.  I began by resurrecting and texturing an ancient pillow I made that includes most of the traditional submissive poses available in Second Life.  I then painstakingly created the statement written on the wall using magnificent prims, sculpted at the hands of Ghanie Lane.  (Yes, it would have taken me 2 minutes in Photoshop to obtain the same result in appearance, but we’re talking about a journey of pain for pleasure.  Right?)  And while the end-product is painfully prim-heavy to intentionally drive home the message about my journey into the world of Shibari, I’m sure I’ll create a more conservative rendition at some point.

Shibari 02

In keeping with my statement about the strength found in one who chooses to submit, I decided I would accessorize my look with only the finest jewels that would convey that strength and confidence.  I didn’t have to reach farther than the space in my closet that houses my precious gems and metals by MANDALA.  There aren’t any jewels on the grid that say, “I Am Strong and Proud” like those coming out of MANDALA.  It feels like strength, beauty, and pride are the fibers that bind these precious metals, gems, and fierce nails together.  But of course I went through the most pain for giving you the pleasure of seeing what’s on my feet.

Shibari 01 

Yes, I will proudly show you my bare feet now that they’re made at the masterful hands of Siddean Munro for SLink.  I’ll be damned if she didn’t fulfill my wildest dreams by supplying a most basic need with her “Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoes.”  And while they fulfill all my needs in my viewer-of-choice at the moment, I decided to endure the pain of trying the new SL Viewer 2.0, for the first time, just to show you these pieces of artwork for your feet sans invisiprims.  They are magical, beautiful, and everything that my doll’s bare feet have always wanted to be.  And I cannot underscore the intense sensuality of seeing a woman with beautiful bare feet in a world where all the rest are wearing hooker heels.  (And I did receive this outfit as a gift after I spent three whole days running around in them.)


Angelic Bondage by Ropeworx
Hand marks - Butt by Ropeworx
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA base 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha Cream/Ring & Nail/
[MANDALA]AMIDA earring/white
SLink Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoes
>TRUTH< Emme – champagne

SHAG - Submission (Wall)
SHAG - Submissive Pillow (Bright Red Satin)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

4 Hot Reasons To Stand Up To Your Boots

The Digital Doll On Flickr! The Digital Doll On Flickr!

Nobody is more excited than I am that the shoe makers of Second Life have come out swinging in 2010 like they mean business.  And from what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that the business of the day is the almighty boot.  Bax Coen recently threw down the gauntlet to anyone daring to make virtual silver or gold with the latest release of the Bax Prestige Boots.  And I don’t think I’ve ever seen leather like what’s coming out of SLink, certainly not in some of the metallic shades included in the most recent SLink release, the Quinn Boots.  So precious metals are in and you’ve got to find something to go with those fabulous boots that had your name written all over them.  The only problem is that when it comes to Second Life, and clothing in particular, nothing is more commonly botched than silver, gold, and all the other metals we desperately need to have on hand to stand up to these bold accessories.  So what’s a doll to do?

The Digital Doll On Flickr!  

Well I’ve been all over the grid, searching high and low, for some clothing that would stand up to the textures on my boots.  At long last, I found them at an old favorite, Son!a.  Since I last went to Son!a ages ago, her store has grown exponentially, in tandem with her ability to make hot little ensembles begging to grace your doll.  Son!a earned a spot here and I show her clothes shamelessly because she is the only seamstress in Second Life that provides a variety of ensembles that can easily stand up to the metals of Bax, SLink, and MANDALA.  Her textures are fabulous, the outfits are everything they should be and more, and she is in a league of her own when it comes to meeting the powerhouse cobblers and jewelers of the grid, who have single-handedly made precious metals the new black.  Go to Son!a!  And while you’re there, make sure you don’t miss this hot, new release called “Rapture,” because it might just come to pass when they see you coming in this outfit.

The Digital Doll On Flickr!


Son!a Unfaithful Dress (Paisley Pink)
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-pink 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
>TRUTH< Emme - champagne
[MANDALA ] Pearl rain Bangle /silver -L-
[MANDALA ] Pearl rain Bangle/silver -R-
BAX Prestige Boots Silver (Fine Silver)

Son!a Gold Criss Cross Mini Dress
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-red 03 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
>TRUTH< Valerie - champagne
BAX Prestige Boots Gold (White Gold)

Son!a Unfaithful Top and Skirt (Black)
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA base 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
>TRUTH< Brit - champagne
SHAG ~ Stoned Love Ring (Onyx)
BAX Prestige Boots Black Suede (Coal)

Son!a Rapture (Black)
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-red 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
>TRUTH< Drew - swedish
[MANDALA] Lotus Earrings Black Bright
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha/black nails & Rings
SLink Quinn Kneehighs Black
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Lace

Shyayn On Flickr!

Shyayn On Flickr!

I remember getting the 4-1-1 on Bodysuits By KIM ages ago when my friend, Shag Telling, told me that there were some great “ass dresses over there” and passed me an LM.  Naturally, I went immediately and bought a ton of stuff (that I’ve been meaning to talk about.)  But when I saw Bodysuits By KIM on the list for the  ZombiePopcornSL Hunt, I decided to drop over and give it another look.  I didn’t find the hunt item, but I found a TON of killer stuff that I decided I couldn’t live without and proceeded to engage in the (generally forbidden) Flagrant Fatpack Purchase (“FFP.”)  Among my finds at Bodysuits By KIM was this hot, little, black, lace dress dubbed “Tattia.”  It hugs my curves in all the right places and is made of lace that rivals the best I’ve seen to-date.  This dress is absolutely worth making the trip over there to spend your heard-earned duckets.  I’d advise you to leave the wallet at home unless you have some serious self-control when it comes to purchasing high-end, sex appeal for your doll, but that wouldn’t be much fun.  So get over there and get your curves on!

Shyayn On Flickr!


KIM- Tattia
.+*Manm*+.Beige [MS]
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA lucent-pink 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
[MANDALA] 7LUCK Bracelet /Female
[MANDALA] Luck Earring/silver
[MANDALA]Takara Nail/black Bright/ L
[MANDALA]Takara Nail/black bright/R
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY
SLink Quinn Kneehighs Black

[LA] Cubes - Pink [Sassy]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back In Black

Shyayn On Flickr Shyayn On Flickr

It seems I’ve got a thing for hats these past few days, so when Luck, Inc. released some new Jumpers in a variety of solid colors and patterns I couldn’t wait to top one of these little babies off.  And I found the perfect topper for this little number from AKEYO.  This fedora is sold as a men’s hat, but I find it brings all the boys to my yard anyways.  (I’m pretty sure it springs from that same irresistible charm of seeing a woman dressed up in nothing but a man’s collared shirt or wearing only his tie and high heels.) 

It’s common knowledge that CK Winx of Luck, Inc. is one of the grid’s most prolific hoetouriers, and I agree that there is rarely a better place to go than Luck, Inc. if you’re looking to show off your assets properly.  These new Jumpers are no exception to the rule.  They sport a sexy, cut-out back that shows just enough to leave everyone in the room wondering what else is under your hat.  And though I’m normally not a big proponent of sculpted, prim attachments on shorts I think they were incorporated into this outfit properly and with care.  As with many items from Luck, Inc., a noticeable effort was made to create textures specifically for the sculpted attachments on this outfit to ensure that the they blended nicely with the “fabric” of the avatar clothing pieces.  (That type of attention to detail is one of the reasons that Luck, Inc. consumes a huge portion of the market share in this area and something that NONE of the Luck, Inc. imitators out there have managed to get through their heads.)

And although I have some issues with respect to the cuts and texturing on the bust area of these Jumpers, I think it’s a very strong showing from Luck, Inc. overall and I will absolutely be holding on for the next release.  I enjoyed dressing up this outfit so much that I gave it a go in another pattern.

Shyayn On Flickr Shyayn On Flickr


*Linc* Jumper Lace
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-red 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
SLink Quinn Kneehighs Black
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha/black nails & Rings
*Boof* "Eat Me" Red
>TRUTH< Stephanie - seaspray

*Linc* Jumper Flowers
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-purple 04 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
BAX Prestige Boots Silver (Steel)
ROLE OPTIC SG-53 Eternity
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Metal silver & Nail&Ring
>TRUTH< Brit – swedish

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where Pigs Fly

Shyayn On Flickr

Shyayn On Flickr

More than just shiny things distract me!  As it turns out, adorable little animals like flying pigs do the trick too.  I decided to get all bronzed up the other day because I couldn’t resist pairing the fabulous new MANDALA Lotus jewelry in bronze with the new Quinn Boots by SLink in the same color.  (And I know I said I would shut up about the shoes already, but what can I say?  I’m shameless when it comes to shoes, and these are so hot.)  And I didn’t go out looking for adorable farm animals all clad in bronze, but a friend took me over to D-LAB and it wasn’t long until I had to force myself to teleport home before completely draining my entire supply of spacebux.  I found the cutest animals for my own little petting zoo, and I don’t even have to feed them!  Precious white bunnies, a welcoming monkey, an adorable little elephant, a hamster and even a flying pig all came home with me and I wasted no time in making them a little hangout.  And while most stuff this cute is absolutely not modifiable, I am very pleased to report that ALL of the bunnies and my little hamster are totally modifiable which is always a HUGE bonus for me.

Shyayn On Flickr 

Of course, I needed just the right accessory to show the world that I was rolling up my sleeves to do some hard work at the petting zoo and I knew exactly what would do the trick.  So I hitched a ride over to Sand Shack Surf Co. and picked up a little cowboy hat that comes with its very own piece of wheat to chew on.  I will confess that I have been lusting after these hats since I first saw them some time ago but restrained myself from a flagrant fatpack purchase (“FFP”) at the time.  That being said, if my foray into the world of bronze proves one thing, it’s that a cowboy hat makes all the difference in the world.  (Yeah, it’s why those girls at the beach in bathing suits and cowboy hats get all the attention.)  And because this is as fierce as bronze gets, I will proudly show you my inspiration for getting all bronzed up.

Shyayn On Flickr

Much love and many thanks to skidz Tweak of Skidz Primz for providing some simulator resources for the love of bronze … and bunnies.


***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA base 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
>TRUTH< Leona - swedish
[SC] Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat (Unisex) - Twig
[SC] Surf Couture - Chewing Wheat
[MANDALA] Saicho Belt/Brown
[MANDALA] LOTUS Chain Bracelet&Hand ring/Bronze
[MANDALA] Lotus chaine Necklace&Earring  / Bronze
HAYSURIZA Glasses modern CatsNO.4
SLink Quinn Kneehighs Bronze
Berries Inc. LOOL top lightgrey

D-LAB-welcome MONKY
D-LAB-pig basket 01

Friday, April 9, 2010

Come Here, Big Boy

Visit Me On Flickr!

Visit Me On Flickr!

Visit Me On Flickr!

I generally reserve Friday evening for whatever made my week.  And although the new SLink Quinn Boots have definitely made the short list, the powers that be have appropriately recognized Ms. Siddean Munro of SLink and she is one of the lucky elite featured in this week’s Fifty Linden Friday event, so there will be no shortage of people shouting the wonders of SLink from their respective mountaintops.  That being said, it’s time to talk about what I fell in love with this week.

I swore off the “big name” jewelers with the coming of 2010, so you know I was avoiding MANDALA like the plague.  Everyone was telling me to get over there in a hurry, but I refused to budge.  Early this week, I finally took that trip.  And I’m so glad I did.  Not only is MANDALA owned and operated by the same wonderful person that has given us TEMPURA ISLAND, one of my favorite travel destinations in SecondLife, but they have got BIG, beautiful, sexy jewelry all over the place.  I’m a sucker for giant jewelry that steals the show, and MANDALA had me at “bangle.”  Even though I was a little paranoid about potential prim-nail issues, I couldn’t pass it up and I had to have it all.  The best part is that I suffered absolutely no buyer’s remorse.  It was completely worth it and I’d do it all over again.   THIS IS WHAT I WANT!  THIS IS THE JEWELRY I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR MY WHOLE SLIFE!  AND IF YOUR PRIM NAILS DON’T LOOK EVERY BIT AS FIERCE AS THESE, THEN YOU NEED TO GO OVER TO MANDALA AND DECORATE YOUR HANDS WITH SOME MANDALA MAGIC!

And because my cheating, shoe-whore heart just won’t stop, I’ll give the boots another nod.

Visit Me On Flickr!


[MANDALA] Lotus Chaine Necklace&Earring /black
[MANDALA] Lotus chaine Necklace&Earring  /purple
[MANDALA] Lotus chaine Necklace&Earring  / Fall gold
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Black Fur , leater, Nail &  ring
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Silver Fur,leater, Nail &  ring
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Blue  Fur,leater, Nail &  ring
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Purple Fur,leater, Nail &  ring
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Gold Fur,leater, Nail &  ring

SLink Quinn Kneehighs Black
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-red 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
STYLE - Scarf Top - Black and White
STYLE - Scarf Top - Aqua
STYLE - Scarf Top - Lavender
STYLE - Scarf Top - Tan
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY (stealth/White)
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY (stealth/platinum)
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY (stealth/black)
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY (stealth/amethyst)
[Gos] - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY (stealth/gold)
delora sand by Analog Dog
*Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bunnies Bare It All

NotsoDirtyBunny Shyayn

I invited you to come together, over me and bare it all using this:

Nymphetamine On Flickr

The inspiration for my Easter Project came from the creator behind the Nymphetamine “Frisky Easter Bunnies,” Paeoti Pomeray.  Around the time she released her “Frisky Easter Bunnies,” she sent a small gift to some of her personal friends.  The gift, sent with full permissions and an invitation to redistribute, included some religious tee shirts and a short note with a touching story about her own religious beliefs.  Nothing to do with her store or even a landmark to the location was included.  It struck me that it was pretty brave to share something that personal about yourself with the rest of the world so freely, especially in a world that houses people of almost every religion and many more that don’t subscribe to any religion at all.  When I asked her about it, she told me that she had gotten nervous after having sent the gift but was put at ease by a friend with religious beliefs that are diametrically opposed to her own and those that she expressed in her “Holy Easter Gift.”  The friend told her that he wouldn’t be wearing the shirts anytime soon, but that he was happy to have been on the list of recipients just the same.  And that whole story reminded me of one of the most beautiful things about this virtual microcosm that so many of us think of as an escape or refuge from the cold, cruel world of flesh and blood.  We all come here bringing our own ideologies and life experiences, from all sorts of different places and backgrounds, but it takes all of us to make the metaverse go ‘round and SecondLife is the tie that binds us altogether.

I hoped that residents having read my challenge would use the opportunity to showcase something about themselves using the “Frisky Easter Bunnies.”  I made sure that they were completely copiable, modifiable, and affordable so that there was almost no bar to entry.  And I thought I’d get submissions from people having fashioned them into a dress or some other fashion statement and others using them to make statements about religion or their hatred for all things bunny and everything in between.  And though I knew a great many people would wear them as intended, I figured those braves souls would be in the minority.  What I got wasn’t what I expected, but is even more beautiful than the showcase I intended.  The submissions I got were all from people who dared to bare it all and wore the “Frisky Easter Bunnies” as they were designed to be worn, showing all the courage and confidence that I found so inspirational in the first place.  I’m also pretty sure that almost none of them take themselves too seriously, which I always appreciate.  So without further adieu, I give you Shyayn’s Dirty Bunnies:

Brie Pinazzo: A woman way too beautiful and outspoken to ever win Miss Virtual World grabbed the bull by the horns.  She pulled me and the man strong enough to love a woman with the strength of Atlas, Walter Kovacs, away from our Friday night antics to pose for this outstanding group photo.

Brie Pinazzo On Flickr

Colleen Criss: She needs little introduction, least of all from me, but this classy vixen hit the ground running and shouted about this project all over the place!

Colleen Criss On Flickr

Misti Merryman: The woman that has given the gift of $GaNKeD$ jewelry, and the only person that could ever get me to give them a lap dance in the Neva Naughty Dance Club, also participated with enthusiasm.  Yeah, that’s her!

Bunny Lap Dance for Misti Merryman

Chalice Carling: This little spitfire seized the opportunity to burlesque it up and make the color pink look even better than I thought it could!

Chalice Carling On Flickr

Roxi Richez: One of the owners of FANG Magazine wasn’t shy about showing the world what was in her Easter basket.

Roxi Richez On Flickr

Victoria Lustre: This firecracker probably had the most fun this past Easter weekend and definitely submitted the most photos.  If you’re lucky, you can find her hanging around Lil’ Slurgis, where you can usually find a whole bunch of strong women and no shortage of men that appreciate them.

Victoria On Flickr

Stacy Maracas: This killer DJ kept the bunnies dancing all weekend long!  Check her out in-world if you’re looking to hear some killer classic rock with some sassy commentary.

DJ Stacy Maracas On Flickr

Paypabak Writer: This girl is my neighbor, so I already knew she was a naughty girl.  But I’ll be damned if she didn’t blow me away and sex it up like nobody else did for this project!

Paypabak Writer On Flickr

Jenica Pennuca: The founder of ZombiePopcornSL who is currently organizing the ZombiePopcornSL Hunt, took the opportunity to beautify a field of spring flowers.

ZombiePopcornSL On Flickr

Shara Diener: A self-described “novice photographer,” wasn’t scared to show us what she’s workin’ with.

Shara Diener on Flickr

Cathiee McMillan: This total betty took the opportunity to proudly show the world her brand new shape and clearly understands that real men want something to hold onto.  Look at those curves!

Cathiee McMillan On Flickr

Collette Jewell: Doesn’t she look great while proving that even kitties love bunnies in a world where anything is possible?

Collette Jewell On Flickr

Jordan Whitt: The editor-in-chief of Icon Lifestyle Magazine wasn’t bashful about showing the world how lucky one Easter basket can be…

Jordan Whitt On Flickr

And someone I know only as C A Ruby turned in this amazing shot.

CA Ruby On Flickr

Boot Janus: A man that doesn’t just appreciate strong women, but supports them and makes them stronger everyday, turned in some outstanding bunny photos.

Boot Janus On Flickr

Raven Halaan: He totally got it and wasted no time in getting his girl outfitted for the occasion!

Raven Haalan On Flickr

Shag Telling:  The only woman unlucky enough of being fingered as my alt showed us her curves too.

Shag Telling On Flickr

Abbie Bulloch:  Last, but not ever least, this precious bunny showed up too.  Abbie is one of those people that makes my SecondLife worth living everyday and I adore her to no end.  I am a richer person for knowing her.

Abbie Bulloch - Precious Bunny

And for everyone who made it this far, I’ll happily show you more of what I did with my “Frisky Easter Bunnies,” which I think you’ll agree pales in comparison to the beautiful men and women above.

Shyayn On Flickr

And I know the shoes always steal the show, so I’ll tell you that these little beauties will be available for sale this Friday at SLink.  Make sure you get there this Friday because, in addition to the release of various colors of these new boots, there will be a special pair of these babies for just $L 50.

SLink Quinn Boots - Pink   


SLink Quinn Kneehigh Boots Pink
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-pink 04 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
[MANDALA] LOTUS Chain Bracelet&Hand ring/pink
[MANDALA] Lotus chaine Necklace&Earring  /pink
[Intimizzio] Kawaii Flower Mesh Lace Bra & Panties - Sexy Pink
Exile Claudia/ash

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Put Some Kink In Your Easter Basket

Shyayn On Flickr

Shyayn On Flickr

During our first Easter together, my man’s demonic mother phoned at 11 AM to inquire about what we were doing for Easter, proudly announcing that she had just come from her completely freakish and cult-like Southern Baptist church.  I cringed as I listened to him agree that we would meet her and, the man she burdens daily, for brunch as he spoke to her from the bed where we slept “in sin.”  When he hung up the phone, I decided we would be late to brunch.  So we fornicated until around the time we were supposed to be walking into the nightmare of a chain restaurant that the devil’s concubine who my man knows only as “mom” had chosen to serve us bland food on that holy day.  I don’t think it occurred to either of us to try to look like we hadn’t just finished doing something that I would be going to confession over for weeks to come, but I’m confident that we were still covered in the smell of sex when we finally sat down at the table for brunch.  As I listened to her insult my religion over our meal and classify all Catholics as godless heathens, I decided I would have sex with her first-born child and favorite son  every Easter Sunday for as long as he would give me the privilege of doing so.  And since he’s still sleeping off the morning lovecakes that he made me for breakfast, I decided to log on and get in the spirit of Easter.

I decided to wear a beautiful, Easter-themed lingerie set from Blacklace that would get me a whole lot more than an Easter basket.  But I really didn’t want to take off my new, pink boots from Mentine.  The boots are baby pink, but the pretty, pastel color doesn’t change the fact that they’re skin-tight and adorned with metal in a way that unmistakably screams fetish.  They inspired me to put a little kink in my Easter basket this year.  So I donned my favorite collar from Ephemeral Creations, where the finest collars in SecondLife are forged, from old-fashioned prims and outstanding textures, and sold with modify privileges in-tact.  I finished the outfit off with a perfectly soft, fluffy bunny tail and the only bunny ears worthy of this naughty bunny.

Shyayn On Flickr

But I still had to set the scene.

Shyayn On Flickr

I started out with some fabulous daisies from A Touch of Ireland.  Since they’re modifiable, I made them big enough to go with everyone’s favorite, giant bunny from Happy Mood and set the perfect backdrop to showcase the spectacular Easter offerings from MB CreationZ.  I’ve been waiting to showcase the work of Minke Bailey for a while and I’ve definitely selected the right holiday because she is owning Easter with her completely unique style that has fabulous written all over it.  Of course, she made a giant “Easter Delights” eggshell that seats two for everyone like me who likes REALLY BIG things, but she also made some smaller items that are equally fabulous and more appropriate for girls who don’t insist that bigger is better.  But I’ll still highly recommend them to my fellow size-queens, who just want it to be really big, because her stuff is modifiable so you can make it just the right size.

Shyayn On Flickr

Shyayn On Flickr

I hope this Easter Sunday is going well for you, whether you choose to celebrate the holiday or not and regardless of the way you celebrate.  Don’t forget about my Easter challenge because the day isn’t out just yet!  With the best of wishes for you and a friendly reminder, I leave you with my very favorite Easter basket of the year, from A Touch of Ireland.

Shyayn On Flickr


~Blacklace~ Spring Kisses: Easter Edition
>TRUTH< Mena - swedish
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA lucent-pink 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
Burroughs Jewelry - Premium - DDee Hoops Earrings
[GL] Anime Bunny Ears (Assembly Required)
Ephemeral "Caged V" Collar w Pull (silver)
Mentine <3 ~Tight Knee Boots ~ 4Pink Suede Variations

(MB) Sculpty Easter Branches In Floor Vase "SHOWER OF FLOWERS"
(MB) Stool With Easter Basket
(MB) Sculpted Easter Basket "SPRING BIRDIE"
(MB) Giant Eggshell "EASTER DELIGHTS" with animated poses for 2
Daisies w/bug by A Touch of Ireland
Easter Basket  Red/yellow butterfly - A Touch of Ireland
HPMD* GiantRabbit (stand)