Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bunnies Bare It All

NotsoDirtyBunny Shyayn

I invited you to come together, over me and bare it all using this:

Nymphetamine On Flickr

The inspiration for my Easter Project came from the creator behind the Nymphetamine “Frisky Easter Bunnies,” Paeoti Pomeray.  Around the time she released her “Frisky Easter Bunnies,” she sent a small gift to some of her personal friends.  The gift, sent with full permissions and an invitation to redistribute, included some religious tee shirts and a short note with a touching story about her own religious beliefs.  Nothing to do with her store or even a landmark to the location was included.  It struck me that it was pretty brave to share something that personal about yourself with the rest of the world so freely, especially in a world that houses people of almost every religion and many more that don’t subscribe to any religion at all.  When I asked her about it, she told me that she had gotten nervous after having sent the gift but was put at ease by a friend with religious beliefs that are diametrically opposed to her own and those that she expressed in her “Holy Easter Gift.”  The friend told her that he wouldn’t be wearing the shirts anytime soon, but that he was happy to have been on the list of recipients just the same.  And that whole story reminded me of one of the most beautiful things about this virtual microcosm that so many of us think of as an escape or refuge from the cold, cruel world of flesh and blood.  We all come here bringing our own ideologies and life experiences, from all sorts of different places and backgrounds, but it takes all of us to make the metaverse go ‘round and SecondLife is the tie that binds us altogether.

I hoped that residents having read my challenge would use the opportunity to showcase something about themselves using the “Frisky Easter Bunnies.”  I made sure that they were completely copiable, modifiable, and affordable so that there was almost no bar to entry.  And I thought I’d get submissions from people having fashioned them into a dress or some other fashion statement and others using them to make statements about religion or their hatred for all things bunny and everything in between.  And though I knew a great many people would wear them as intended, I figured those braves souls would be in the minority.  What I got wasn’t what I expected, but is even more beautiful than the showcase I intended.  The submissions I got were all from people who dared to bare it all and wore the “Frisky Easter Bunnies” as they were designed to be worn, showing all the courage and confidence that I found so inspirational in the first place.  I’m also pretty sure that almost none of them take themselves too seriously, which I always appreciate.  So without further adieu, I give you Shyayn’s Dirty Bunnies:

Brie Pinazzo: A woman way too beautiful and outspoken to ever win Miss Virtual World grabbed the bull by the horns.  She pulled me and the man strong enough to love a woman with the strength of Atlas, Walter Kovacs, away from our Friday night antics to pose for this outstanding group photo.

Brie Pinazzo On Flickr

Colleen Criss: She needs little introduction, least of all from me, but this classy vixen hit the ground running and shouted about this project all over the place!

Colleen Criss On Flickr

Misti Merryman: The woman that has given the gift of $GaNKeD$ jewelry, and the only person that could ever get me to give them a lap dance in the Neva Naughty Dance Club, also participated with enthusiasm.  Yeah, that’s her!

Bunny Lap Dance for Misti Merryman

Chalice Carling: This little spitfire seized the opportunity to burlesque it up and make the color pink look even better than I thought it could!

Chalice Carling On Flickr

Roxi Richez: One of the owners of FANG Magazine wasn’t shy about showing the world what was in her Easter basket.

Roxi Richez On Flickr

Victoria Lustre: This firecracker probably had the most fun this past Easter weekend and definitely submitted the most photos.  If you’re lucky, you can find her hanging around Lil’ Slurgis, where you can usually find a whole bunch of strong women and no shortage of men that appreciate them.

Victoria On Flickr

Stacy Maracas: This killer DJ kept the bunnies dancing all weekend long!  Check her out in-world if you’re looking to hear some killer classic rock with some sassy commentary.

DJ Stacy Maracas On Flickr

Paypabak Writer: This girl is my neighbor, so I already knew she was a naughty girl.  But I’ll be damned if she didn’t blow me away and sex it up like nobody else did for this project!

Paypabak Writer On Flickr

Jenica Pennuca: The founder of ZombiePopcornSL who is currently organizing the ZombiePopcornSL Hunt, took the opportunity to beautify a field of spring flowers.

ZombiePopcornSL On Flickr

Shara Diener: A self-described “novice photographer,” wasn’t scared to show us what she’s workin’ with.

Shara Diener on Flickr

Cathiee McMillan: This total betty took the opportunity to proudly show the world her brand new shape and clearly understands that real men want something to hold onto.  Look at those curves!

Cathiee McMillan On Flickr

Collette Jewell: Doesn’t she look great while proving that even kitties love bunnies in a world where anything is possible?

Collette Jewell On Flickr

Jordan Whitt: The editor-in-chief of Icon Lifestyle Magazine wasn’t bashful about showing the world how lucky one Easter basket can be…

Jordan Whitt On Flickr

And someone I know only as C A Ruby turned in this amazing shot.

CA Ruby On Flickr

Boot Janus: A man that doesn’t just appreciate strong women, but supports them and makes them stronger everyday, turned in some outstanding bunny photos.

Boot Janus On Flickr

Raven Halaan: He totally got it and wasted no time in getting his girl outfitted for the occasion!

Raven Haalan On Flickr

Shag Telling:  The only woman unlucky enough of being fingered as my alt showed us her curves too.

Shag Telling On Flickr

Abbie Bulloch:  Last, but not ever least, this precious bunny showed up too.  Abbie is one of those people that makes my SecondLife worth living everyday and I adore her to no end.  I am a richer person for knowing her.

Abbie Bulloch - Precious Bunny

And for everyone who made it this far, I’ll happily show you more of what I did with my “Frisky Easter Bunnies,” which I think you’ll agree pales in comparison to the beautiful men and women above.

Shyayn On Flickr

And I know the shoes always steal the show, so I’ll tell you that these little beauties will be available for sale this Friday at SLink.  Make sure you get there this Friday because, in addition to the release of various colors of these new boots, there will be a special pair of these babies for just $L 50.

SLink Quinn Boots - Pink   


SLink Quinn Kneehigh Boots Pink
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***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
[MANDALA] LOTUS Chain Bracelet&Hand ring/pink
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Exile Claudia/ash


Nymphetamine Boutique said...

Thank you for your kind words and your positive thoughts. I also thank you for being a friend and for helping me to stand back and evaluate. :-)


colleencriss said...

Thank you for inviting me to this, it was so fun and I am completely in awe of everyones fabulous snaps and delighted to share a few moments on the same page with some pretty awesome people, this has given me more then a few moments of smiles!

you rock !

Chalice Carling said...

x Shy x
This was so much fun and thank you for the invite. To be in such wonderful company and see the creativity of everyone's submissions has been great. I appreciate the time and effort it took for you to bring it to fruition. Fantastic job :-))

Shyayn Lusch said...

I'm glad ya'll enjoyed the post. Thank you so much for taking part and I just hope I just did you guys justice!

Cathiee McMillan said...


Thank you for doing this photo Op.
I really enjoyed doing it and it gets me to take more picts which i enjoy doing.
I might have to do one for Beach Bunns as well. or for the scifi club.

Boot Janus said...

Wow everyone did a fantastic with the photo's and theme. :)