Friday, April 2, 2010

Come Together, Over Me

This Easter Sunday I hope to showcase some of the humanity and individuality in the SecondLife community.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the project and I encourage you to pass the message along.  I am accepting pictures of SecondLife residents in this outfit.  Feel free to show anything else you’d like in the photo, but this outfit must be on the avatars show, in some form or another.  It will be the tie that binds, so to speak.  The idea is to make it your own and showcase your HUMANITY and INDIVIDUALITY, which I believe are abundant in SecondLife.  Please submit your photos via the Flickr Group that I’ve established to house this collage of humanity and individuality bound by a common thread.   Entries will be published here on Easter Sunday.

Group photos are perfectly acceptable and encouraged!  Please include the names of every avatar appearing in a group photo in the “description” of your photo along with any additional information or links you would like to appear in the post (e.g., store, blog, flickr.)  Again, EVERYONE and ANYONE is encouraged to participate in this project.

Questions may be left in the comments section hereunder or addressed to Shyayn Lusch in-world.  I thank you in advance for your interest, support, and participation.


Chalice Carling said...

I just love this idea and thanks so much for sending me the IM to participate. Keeping a close eye on your Flickr group to see all the interpretations of the one outfit.

Thanks darling xxx.

Shyayn Lusch said...

Thanks for participating Chalice! It's turning out MUCH differently than I thought it would, but just as beautiful as I had intended... so I'm happy! Loved your submission.