Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beautify Your Feet

Mikaela w Stockings on Flickr

Mikaela w Socks

Mikaela and Sexy Toes On Flickr

Do yourself a HUGE favor and run over to SLink to really beautify your feet with the newest release, Mikaela.  I’m swooning, and I’m pretty sure you will be too.  And check out these shots of the new SLink HUDs.  I think you’ll agree that they’re nothing short of spectacular.

Gem Hud For Mikaela On Flickr

HUD For Mikeala On Flickr


Zoe said...

It's good she finally made these but again the style of the shoe isn't for everyone. I want SOMEONE in sl to do shoes that are more gothic or simple, maybe with a platform that work with tights/stockings etc. No weird angelina jolie or paris hilton designs. Also Slink should do Latex sculpted feet to work with latex stockings and catsuits and Im talking aboutthe stockings with the lip around the top, not just chopped off (like so many people do.) Would LOVE to see this.

Shyayn Lusch said...

@ Zoe - Thank You for Your Very Thoughtful Comment. Certainly the style of this particular shoe may not be for everyone, though I happen to think it's of an outstanding design and VERY original. I do agree that there may be a lack of "simple" shoes in SL and there's something to be said for just plain old shoes, though SLink does make the bare feet, which I feel fulfill the most basic need when it comes to simplicity. The latex stockings are an excellent idea, particularly as I've previously blogged the SLink Marina Boots as an excellent fit to go with latex ensembles. You can find it under the "ELIXIR: Eradicating Bad Latex" post in the archives for this year. I think there is definitely a market for the latex stocking idea since latex is abundant in SL and there is definitely a lack of good shoes to complement the outfits.