Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day With ~*GOD*~

A Day With GOD 16

A Day With GOD 10

A Day With GOD

Luck, Inc. really made my short list for last week when they released a dress even shorter than I thought possible and the new releases from MANDALA are still blowing my mind, but all I really wanted to do was spend a day with ~*GOD*~.  In case you didn’t know, the team of extraordinarily skilled artists and visionaries at ~*GOD*~ have assembled a magical place that simultaneously shows the world what simulators are really for and justifies the purchase of the high-dollar graphics card that you’ll be dying to make once you’ve been in the Garden of Dreams.

A Day With GOD 07

I didn’t get a Second Life to experience the sights, sounds, and imagery that is readily-available in atom’s world, so I’m naturally drawn to the amazing fields of flowers and wheat filled with butterflies and the kind of dreams that could only be fulfilled in a world where anything is possible.  It’s as if someone recreated mother nature from the perspective of all the magical creatures that might inhabit a garden or forest and then outfitted it with tons of smaller environments that are completely conducive to the way we live, socialize, and communicate in a virtual world.  Along with the trees, flowers, forests, and ponds that I just know are secretly inhabited by huge colonies of tiny faeries and nymphs, I found that almost everything around the Garden of Dreams is filled with numerous poses and animations that let me play to my heart’s content and feel right at home.  And if you wander even just a few meters away from the landing point you’ll stumble upon little environmental enclaves that really take you to places filled with dreams.

A Day With GOD 05

A Day With GOD 12

Visit the Garden of Dreams in SecondLife!  And while you’re there, make sure you look for the party, because it’s almost as wild as the sim where it all goes down.


*Linc*Open Buttoned Dress Black
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA glossy-nude 09 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA alt-breasts caramel
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha RED/Ring & Nail
[MANDALA]Kagetora necklace/red/Female
[MANDALA]SHAKA earring /Red
SLink Quinn Kneehighs FLF special Burgundy
>TRUTH< Riley – champagne

Photos Taken At The ~*GOD*~ Garden of Dreams Sim

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