Monday, June 14, 2010

Just A Little Somethin’ To Break The Monotony

Summertime 01

Here it is the groove slightly transformed
Just a bit of a break from the norm
Just a little somethin’ to break the monotony
Of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be
A little bit out of control it’s cool to dance
But what about the groove that soothes that moves romance
Give me a soft subtle mix
And if ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it
And think of the summers of the past
Adjust the base and let the alpine blast
Pop in my cd and let me run a rhyme
And put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is summertime

- Summertime (Will Smith)


Summertime 02

It’s that time of year when I am feeling terribly sorry for all those folks who live in places where Central A/C is optional.  It’s summertime!  And late last night, my friend Colleen Criss informed me about a little something to break the monotony going on in my own little world.  She gave me a link to The Big Bad Blogger 2010 Sign Up and said, “you write a helluva a blog sister, get to it."  And even though I’ve been away for a bit and focusing more on my store, SHAG, and dealing with my new obsession in Second Life, Petable Turtles, I remembered that it’s just about time for A Shoe Mid-Term Report and the issuance of some long-overdue Shoe Report Cards.  And aside from that, I still have a whole lotta stuff to write about!  I grabbed the bull by the horns, threw my hat in the ring, and decided to use this little challenge as a chance to get into prime blogger shape for some upcoming posts that I’ve had planned for a while.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll come out this very week.  And being that the dog days of summer are looming closer and closer, I decided to kick off my go at being a big, bag blogger in 2010 with an outfit that has summertime written all over it.

I was teleporting around to the various shops participating in Project Themeory, and I found myself at Acid & Mala Creations [SLurl] where I picked up this adorable, polka-dotted mini-dress in mustard yellow.  The dress is cute-as-a-button, the prim skirt works and I couldn’t be happier with the hue of “mustard” yellow that perfectly complements the yellow Obsession Heels from N-Core [Slurl].  This summertime look gave me the perfect opportunity to show off some of the new hair I picked up at the huge sale going on at [SLurl] and the Giant Crystal Stoned Love Jewelry in “Sunny” that is available at my own little piece of server space, SHAG [SLurl].  I topped it all off with the arm ribbon that I recently made for all the designer’s that will be participating along with me in the 2010 Summer of Love Fair.  (If you haven’t picked yours up yet, you can grab it at the venue from the giant, full bright gift box near the landing point.)

Have fun, stay cool, and here’s to having a blogger challenge to break up the monotony and (hopefully) make the blistering heat a bit more fashionable! *cheers*


***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA base 02 caramel dark brows
***Chaisuki*** Eyebrows (Modifiable)
.:A&M:. Polka Dots - Mini Dress - Mustard
SHAG ~ Stoned Love Crystal Jewelry Set (Sunny)
Summer of Love Designer's Arm Ribbon
N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II
fri. - Brande - Happy Blond


colleen said...

You look stunning ! :) I'm so glad you decided to come out n play with us .

Shyayn Lusch said...

Thanks Colleen. :) I'm glad I decided to come out and play too. xx