Thursday, August 18, 2011

Married To MANDALA

MANDALA - Nail Palette (Super Long)

I haven’t been blogging quite as much as I’d like, so I decided to dive in head-first and talk about the newest release from MANDALA.  They’ve released their illustrious nails in 4 different lengths with an all new color palette and HUD that kicks the prim-nails game up a notch.  (Don’t worry, they even released them in a super-short, unisex length for all you girls and boys that don’t like the loooooong nails.)  The “super long” style is shown here cause that’s how I roll.  But what’s really remarkable about these new nails is the HUD and all the options!

Of course, you get tons of color options with new HUD, but you also get to choose from 5 different sculpt shapes for your nails, just in case you don’t dig super-square nails like yours truly.  (But the super-square nails are definitely still an option. Whew!)  You can even choose to make the sculpted nails you sport on one hand different from the other and, alas, you can trick out your nails to the Nth degree by going as far as changing the color of each different nail on your pretty, little hand.

Check out more new releases after the cut to see why I’m truly married to MANDALA.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoe Report Card for N-Core (2011)

[I am gratefully syndicated by iheartsl, Metavirtual, and Virtual Fashion Feed.  If you’re not getting all of your Second Life Fashion news from those sources, you should probably rethink that decision.]
NCore Caresse - Red
Roughly 3 years ago N-Core was a virtual unknown that had quietly appeared with a handful of sculpted shoes.  The team at N-Core worked quickly, slowly and fastidiously driving nails into the self-made coffin of Stiletto Moody with quality heels that ooze sex appeal like nobody’s business.  Since they first appeared, N-Core has progressed dramatically, in every facet of business and content creation.  Today, N-Core alone can be seen as an accurate gauge of what speaks to the mainstream in Second Life, boasting an in-world group that includes an excess of 34,000 loyal, active residents.  You’d be hard pressed to go anywhere in Second Life and not see a pair of N-Core shoes on someone’s feet.  N-Core’s indisputable dominance in the world of Second Life shoes, in terms of sheer numbers of customers and sales, earns them a spot on the list.  Having a great product with outstanding customer support just bolsters that position and ensures they’ll remain power players for a long time to come.  That being said, one of the most recent releases from N-Core, Caresse, is on the chopping block.
When I saw Caresse, it was love at first sight.  The design unequivocally says, "summer is almost here and I'm going to make sure you get all hot and bothered."  Most notably, the Caresse design successfully eliminated one of the design flaws present in earlier offerings from N-Core.  Caresse features, among other things, a new foot that has a very sexy, very pronounced arch [that looks natural.]  Earlier N-Core shoes were slightly problematic for me in that the foot arch, between toe and heel, seemed to be almost at a 90-degree angle and struck me not only as unrealistic, but a factor that would limit future shoe designs since such a pronounced arch would make it incredibly difficult to implement any platform or substantial base beneath the toes and ball of the foot.  But I believe they've hit the nail on the head with the foot used in the case of Caresse - a more realistic foot that manages to fit into an exceptionally high stiletto for an overall shoe that oozes all of the sex appeal that that has made N-Core one of the biggest names in shoes today.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shoe Report Cards and My Current Top 10 List

[I am gratefully syndicated by iheartsl, Metavirtual, and Virtual Fashion Feed.  If you’re not getting all of your Second Life Fashion news from those sources, you should probably rethink that decision.]


It has been a little over a year and a half since I last released any Shoe Report Cards.  And while I’ve never been known for being the most regular or up-to-the-minute blogger, those posts were certainly some of the most popular posts I’ve ever published.  Over the past year and a half, many residents and even other bloggers have contacted me to ask whether or not I’d be issuing more Shoe Report Cards.  I always said that I was planning to, but was unsure when I’d be back in the saddle since my real life has been quite full and tumultuous over the past year. 

I’m happy to report that I am back with a new list of what I consider to be the 10 most relevant cobblers in Second Life and at least one Shoe Report Card ready to go.  As always, no ass-kissing, no Photoshop magic, and no bullshit; just me and the naked truth about what’s on your feet.  So without further adieu, I give you my current list of The Top 10 Most Relevant Shoe-Makers In Second Life (in no particular order.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SLink Brings Christmas In June

SLink Lulu

Last year in April, SLink unleashed the exceptional Tiger Heels – featuring brand new toes.  I’m happy to report that there has been no rest for the weary over at SLink and that this fine week in June has brought the arrival of the Tiger Heels’ big sister, Lulu – featuring brand new toes and a new foot.

SLink - Lulu vs Tiger

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Very Own Bobble Head

Shyayn Bloom Doll

Bloom Dolls 02

Last night I asked my good friend, Codebastard Redgrave, what a hot babe like her was doing on a Saturday night.  I knew immediately that I wanted in when she told me that she and her luscious wifey, Gabby Panacek, were playing dollies and showed me a link to the Bloom Dolls Flickr Group.  I tried not to have an aneurysm (or break a sweat) from all the excitement over having something new and novel to do with my very favorite Doll as I landed at Sand Shack Surf Co. to snatch up one of the new Bloom Doll Avatars.  I teleported home and immediately swooned over my new purchase.  Now I too could absolutely verify what all the rage was about (aside from these little suckers being terminally cute and adorable.)