Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Very Own Bobble Head

Shyayn Bloom Doll

Bloom Dolls 02

Last night I asked my good friend, Codebastard Redgrave, what a hot babe like her was doing on a Saturday night.  I knew immediately that I wanted in when she told me that she and her luscious wifey, Gabby Panacek, were playing dollies and showed me a link to the Bloom Dolls Flickr Group.  I tried not to have an aneurysm (or break a sweat) from all the excitement over having something new and novel to do with my very favorite Doll as I landed at Sand Shack Surf Co. to snatch up one of the new Bloom Doll Avatars.  I teleported home and immediately swooned over my new purchase.  Now I too could absolutely verify what all the rage was about (aside from these little suckers being terminally cute and adorable.)