Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Very Own Bobble Head

Shyayn Bloom Doll

Bloom Dolls 02

Last night I asked my good friend, Codebastard Redgrave, what a hot babe like her was doing on a Saturday night.  I knew immediately that I wanted in when she told me that she and her luscious wifey, Gabby Panacek, were playing dollies and showed me a link to the Bloom Dolls Flickr Group.  I tried not to have an aneurysm (or break a sweat) from all the excitement over having something new and novel to do with my very favorite Doll as I landed at Sand Shack Surf Co. to snatch up one of the new Bloom Doll Avatars.  I teleported home and immediately swooned over my new purchase.  Now I too could absolutely verify what all the rage was about (aside from these little suckers being terminally cute and adorable.)

Brimming with the feeling that my entire inventory had been made new all over again, I hurriedly dressed my Doll as an angst-filled bobble teen ready to go bad girl, replete with a cigarette, dark shades, and a tote bag that any misunderstood, young artist would love.  I screamed as loudly as one can scream via type, “TP ME” and I promptly arrived amidst a sea of similarly-bobbled girls in what felt like the pandemonium of a Justin-Bieber-sighting at a tween sleepover.

“What about this hair?” cried one Bloom Doll to another.

“OMG … that skirt is soooooo kyoot like that!” shrieked yet another and so on until I sifted through the sea of Bloom Dolls to find my little, red-headed minx Codie to get a second opinion on my own outfit.  After we all agreed that we were all the cutest things ever, we mused about the novelty of the Bloom Doll Avatars and about what a genius Emma Gilmour is for having turned a simple, sculpted doll head into a must-have upgrade and rebirthing our inventories in one fell swoop.

We put together different ensembles for our Dolls and posed like miniature prima donnas with giant heads, feverishly updating our respective Flickr pages until it was time for many of the bobbles, including myself, to drift off to sleep.  And so it was a wonderful Saturday night in the world of Second Life.  But that’s not how I’m absolutely sure that these Bloom Doll Avatars are going to be the latest craze for a while to come.  I knew that unequivocally when I woke up (early) this morning and couldn’t wait to log on to dress my little bobble and take her for her very own photo shoot at the beach!  Hat’s off to Emma Gilmour of Sand Shack Surf Co. for making me (and all the other Bloom Dolls) eager to log in.

Summer Bloom


Ceiri said...

If it's not too much trouble, would you tell us where the black heels you're wearing in your angsty teen outfit are from, please?

Codie said...

dawwww! that is way too cute! <3<3<3

Shyayn Lusch said...

@Ceiri - Of course, I must have lost my mind in all the Bloom Doll madness and forgotten to include a style card. But you have good taste, my friend, and you've zeroed in on SLink's latest offering (available now at the 2011 Shoe Fair) called Echo. I highly recommend them, and you'll be hearing all about that shortly.

@Codie - Thanks Love! <3