Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SLink Brings Christmas In June

SLink Lulu

Last year in April, SLink unleashed the exceptional Tiger Heels – featuring brand new toes.  I’m happy to report that there has been no rest for the weary over at SLink and that this fine week in June has brought the arrival of the Tiger Heels’ big sister, Lulu – featuring brand new toes and a new foot.

SLink - Lulu vs Tiger

At the outset, I will say that Lulu is a tremendously strong shoe concept and build that stands on its own  - bringing the very best of the “earthy feel” heel that SLink is so good at and successfully combining it with the appearance of a super, high, sexy, metal, stiletto heel that says, “I am so sexy, I’m lethal.”  Lulu is not only unique in it’s fabulous and intriguing combination of the two diametrically-opposed styles, but the overall design is a fresh take on the stiletto with straps galore.  Pushing the envelope and wrapping those straps not just around the foot, but using them to seemingly bind the foot to the serious arch of the stiletto base via the uber-sharp, stiletto heel contributes to the feeling that the woman who wears these shoes probably mixes at least a little pain in with her pleasure.

I won’t lie, I was immediately struck by the new toes and foot on this latest release from SLink, so I couldn’t wait to put it right next to its predecessor to see everything that had been given a facelift.  Pictured above is Lulu (in red) and next to her, the Tiger Heels (in pink/watermelon.)  The toes have obviously been given a complete overhaul and look better than ever.  Though I consistently ranked the last toes to come out of SLink among the top three sets of toes in Second Life shoes, one of the (very small) concerns I had about them was that they were almost so realistic in terms of the apparent tension in them and in overall appearance that they skirted dangerously close to not possessing the type of cute-perfection that is endemic in our avatars and the goods that we favor over others.  In other words, so much of our avatars are cute and perfect by design that we look for that same type of cute-perfection in goods we attach to our avatars, like toes and hands.  And  though the last toes out of SLink were dangerously close to being so real that they crossed over into un-cute territory, I’m happy to say that this latest overhaul has left the SLink toes looking very real but also well on the super cute side of the cartoon cute-perfection vs. so real it’s un-cute continuum. 

And naturally, I have saved the best for last and now turn what is a very significant and much-needed change to the SLink empire – an updated foot with a more pronounced arch!  The newest foot maintains the realistic and proportionate length of the foot, from heel-to-toe, shortening it just the tiniest bit.  But oh baby, did that tiny bit go a long, long way!  The foot has been refashioned to feature a much more pronounced arch than we’ve seen previously out of SLink.  And my shoe whore’s intuition says that this is an excellent deal for SLink and consumers alike.  After all, we’re talking about an integral reason that women wear high heels in the first place as well as one of the most prominent characteristics shared by this shoe and other shoes and feet that have completely dominated the market, such as those by Stiletto Moody and more recently, N-Core.

With the new toes and foot, I’m more excited than ever to see what’s in store for SLink.  All in all, I think this marks the beginning of what’s going to be a helluva year for SLink.

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