Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoe Report Card for N-Core (2011)

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NCore Caresse - Red
Roughly 3 years ago N-Core was a virtual unknown that had quietly appeared with a handful of sculpted shoes.  The team at N-Core worked quickly, slowly and fastidiously driving nails into the self-made coffin of Stiletto Moody with quality heels that ooze sex appeal like nobody’s business.  Since they first appeared, N-Core has progressed dramatically, in every facet of business and content creation.  Today, N-Core alone can be seen as an accurate gauge of what speaks to the mainstream in Second Life, boasting an in-world group that includes an excess of 34,000 loyal, active residents.  You’d be hard pressed to go anywhere in Second Life and not see a pair of N-Core shoes on someone’s feet.  N-Core’s indisputable dominance in the world of Second Life shoes, in terms of sheer numbers of customers and sales, earns them a spot on the list.  Having a great product with outstanding customer support just bolsters that position and ensures they’ll remain power players for a long time to come.  That being said, one of the most recent releases from N-Core, Caresse, is on the chopping block.
When I saw Caresse, it was love at first sight.  The design unequivocally says, "summer is almost here and I'm going to make sure you get all hot and bothered."  Most notably, the Caresse design successfully eliminated one of the design flaws present in earlier offerings from N-Core.  Caresse features, among other things, a new foot that has a very sexy, very pronounced arch [that looks natural.]  Earlier N-Core shoes were slightly problematic for me in that the foot arch, between toe and heel, seemed to be almost at a 90-degree angle and struck me not only as unrealistic, but a factor that would limit future shoe designs since such a pronounced arch would make it incredibly difficult to implement any platform or substantial base beneath the toes and ball of the foot.  But I believe they've hit the nail on the head with the foot used in the case of Caresse - a more realistic foot that manages to fit into an exceptionally high stiletto for an overall shoe that oozes all of the sex appeal that that has made N-Core one of the biggest names in shoes today.