Thursday, August 18, 2011

Married To MANDALA

MANDALA - Nail Palette (Super Long)

I haven’t been blogging quite as much as I’d like, so I decided to dive in head-first and talk about the newest release from MANDALA.  They’ve released their illustrious nails in 4 different lengths with an all new color palette and HUD that kicks the prim-nails game up a notch.  (Don’t worry, they even released them in a super-short, unisex length for all you girls and boys that don’t like the loooooong nails.)  The “super long” style is shown here cause that’s how I roll.  But what’s really remarkable about these new nails is the HUD and all the options!

Of course, you get tons of color options with new HUD, but you also get to choose from 5 different sculpt shapes for your nails, just in case you don’t dig super-square nails like yours truly.  (But the super-square nails are definitely still an option. Whew!)  You can even choose to make the sculpted nails you sport on one hand different from the other and, alas, you can trick out your nails to the Nth degree by going as far as changing the color of each different nail on your pretty, little hand.

Check out more new releases after the cut to see why I’m truly married to MANDALA.