Shoe Report Cards

I often write about shoes in SecondLife.  The SecondLife shoe market is a fierce battle royale among those select few that have the skills, stomach, and grit to lay it all on the line in the cut-throat, super bowl of digital content creation that is the SecondLife shoe market.  Those who excel at the art of making virtual shoes for our dolls are handsomely rewarded with many things, not the least of which is lots of cold, hard cash.  My only interest in writing about shoes is to appreciate the tremendous work that goes into creating these miniature works of art for my Doll's feet.

From time to time I issue Shoe Report Cards.  These posts are written in the interest of both critical review and the development of better shoes.  You Can View Shoe Report Cards Here.  Shoe Report Cards cannot be bought, or otherwise paid for, and no amount of review copies will change what I write in a Shoe Report Card.  As a matter of policy, I always pay for any shoe that is the subject of a Shoe Report Card.  Shoe Report Cards are issued selectively and infrequently to one of (what I consider to be) the Top 10 Most Relevant Shoe Makers in SecondLife.

When I don't have the energy to issue a Shoe Report Card or a particular shoe is very new to the market, I try to post about what I genuinely like about that particular shoe.  You Can View Those "Shoe Musings" Here.

**Artwork By Trindolyn Beck.  Many thanks to him for rendering me as the shoe whore I am.